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Kharnost, Flame of the Khaninspire

There is something about the city of Kharnost that is both wondrous and mournful. The city and its Spire rest at the southern terminus of the Path of Giants, the oldest and most well-established lamp-line in the known lands. It is a city of industry unlike any other in that it is built upon the near-perfectly preserved bones of a pre-Dark city, and is a constant reminder of the world that came before.   Upon exiting the Penumbra, travelers will enter a gently-sloped, bowl-shaped valley with a golden-tinged Spire at its center. Instead of the usual open-faced buildings common to the cities of the south, Kharnost is built on wide, flat platforms rising several hundred feet into the air. The platforms are braced by enormous metal columns whose surfaces have defied the long millennia since the end of the last Dawn Age, and look as smooth as they no doubt were on the day of their construction. Each platform is separated by more than thirty feet of open air, and the residents have built their cities there. The outer edges are ringed by lush gardens fed by enormous cisterns on the uppermost platforms. It is clear the city's foundations were planned well before the Dark by our ancestors.


The majority are human, but a small population of Shaedhe live easily among their human neighbours.


A hybrid of direct and representative democracy. Each level of the Hanging City engages in direct democracy involving all residents over the age of fourteen. For larger decisions, each level elects three representatives to speak for them at the Spire Council, a deliberative body made up of representatives from each community in the illuminated region.


Like other spire cities, Kharnost relies first and foremost on Spirelight to defend against the Thramorri. To protect itself against human raiders and Thramorri slaves, the city also maintains a well-equipped and trained militia.

Industry & Trade

Primary Industries: Agricultural products, Technical expertise, Advanced alloys and materials, Dawnglass & pre-Dark relics


Kharnost is renowned for its industrial production and intensive agricultural practices. Kharnite technical know-how is in high demand across the illuminated regions, where Kharnite engineers and city planners have assisted in the development of sturdier and brighter Lamps and line-lamps, buildings, sanitation systems and agriculture - from community gardens to underground farming techniques.
Alternative Name(s)
The Hanging City, Sky City, The Southern Terminus
Approximately 30,000
Inhabitant Demonym

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