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Nazeth, the Unbroken City

The Draconic Capital rose above the coastline, a series of citadels and fortresses. The smoke of industry could be seen hanging in the air. The tall trade ships sailed away from the city, fading into the distant horizon. The hubub of the markets below was able to be heard from the Ranger's Breach, the Krake song below it. The smell of the ocean washed through the corridors, and so did the sound of the waves.


The population is mostly Draconian, with a few examples of Woven and Oni living within the Capital.


The capital is run directly by the Council of Elders, with funding and new laws coming from them, though the military forces therein only respond to the Emperor, and to the Council of Disciples.


The City of Nazeth is defended from siege by the Honor Band, which is always stationed within the city. The Ranger's Breach is also within the City, able to provide defense with both beasts and soldiers. The city has the protection of the Draconic Navy as well, which can fire long range Arcane Artillery onto attackers. There is a massive wall that surrounds the city, built into the mountainous coast. The nine constructs surround the city, ever vigilant to demonic threat.

Industry & Trade

The city of Nazeth exports most of the Durnan weaponry and Armor within the Legion, and the coins of the Empire are minted there. Food and goods are imported into the city, not able to be grown on the polluted soil. Fish are exported by Nazeth, as are the strange artifacts that are found on the coast.


The draconic capital is a network of roads, shipyards, and markets. Pocketing the vast amounts of markets are residence districts, and barracks. The closer that one gets to the palace, the more of a presence the Draconic Legion has.


The Capital City has access to most of the Empire's Durnan, and the weaponry and armor that bolsters the Legion. The furnaces of the Capital City are fueled by Dragonfire, the artificial creation of which belches thick purple smoke into the air, charged with Arcane Energy.

Guilds and Factions

The Legion has a strong presence within the city, as do the various guilds that have been established by merchants and craftsmen. The Shattered Talon also has a presence within the city, always one step ahead of the Card Slingers trying to infiltrate them.


The city of Nazeth has been marred with many bloody sieges. Many strong forces have tried to break through to the palace, and all have been stopped by the Honor Band upon reaching the walls.


This city utilizes stocky structures that have been carved from thick stone, and are as such resistant to siege weaponry.


The City of Nazeth is located on the Coast of the Krake Sea. The coast is incredibly mountainous, and rich with minerals and strange artifacts.

Natural Resources

The coast is rich in durnan, and strange artifacts wash up on the shore.
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The Draconic Capital
1.5 million
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