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The Durnan Hold

The Durnan Hold towers above Nazeth, carved into the innards of the Titan's Mountain. It is the embodiment of the Draconic Empire's Might, guarded by the most elite of Soldiers within the Empire, as well as holding the forges of the Empire. The mountain houses the Golden Skins, as well. None have ever taken the Hold. None have even reached the Hold.

Purpose / Function

The Durnan Hold is a massive Palace and Fortress, carved from the innards of the Titan's Mountain, rendering it nearly hollow. It is intended to be the final holding point against any invasion, and a staging ground for the Golden Skin order of Legionnaires. The Council of Elders, and the Council of Disciples both meet within the Hold, and the Emperor lives within it. It is believed that Shade Squadron also lives within the Durnan Hold.


Over time, sections of the Hold have had to be reinforced by Durnan as time has gone on, as these sections have almost grown too thin to support their own weight. New pieces of art are added frequently. The forges beneath the throne room have found a way to make artificial Dragon Fire, for the purpose of refining and smithing Durnan.


The Durnan Hold is carved into large hallways and rooms. The stone walls have Durnan within them, dyeing that stone red. The Durnan Hold has paintings of Emperors and previous heroes of the Empire on the wall, as well as sculptures. The Durnan Hold has secret rooms and passageways going through it like a hive, used for the rapid transport of soldiers within the Hold.
Alternative Names
The Palace
Owning Organization
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