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The Draconic Empire

"The streets are clustered with people, and you can smell the spray of the sea. The constructs lurk past the wall of Nazeth, rivaling the Durnan Hold in size. You tear your eyes from the constructs, back to your shopping. The brown skinned man smiles at you, revealing sharp teeth. You slide thirty Dranyeh across the counter, and take your fish. On the corners of the streets, Legionnaires stand at attention, watching the crowds. You can barely hear yourself think over the crowds of people, over the shouts of merchants. No one in this city has ever seen an unchained demon wandering the streets. I shall ensure that continues." -Legionnaire Captain Sah'Tah, 2300 B.T


The Emperor is above the Council of Elders, The Council of Disciples, Shade Squadron, The Rangers, and the Order of Assassins.

Public Agenda

To hold back the Demonic Menace, and destroy Motros.


The entirety of the Draconic Legion, the Disciples, order of Assassins, and the Rangers.

Ever Lasting.

Founding Date
2097 W.T
Geopolitical, Empire
Alternative Names
The Empire, The Draconians, Imperials.
Dranyeh, coins made of durnan. Comes in 1, 10, 50, 100, and 500 Dranyeh coins.
Legislative Body
The Council of Elders and Council of Disciples both submit laws to the Emperor, who either approves or denies them. The Emperor can also make his own laws.
Judicial Body
The Emperor is the final say, though he gives orders to the Card Throwers, a subsect of the Legion that goes undercover to infiltrate crime syndicates. Legionnaires enforce law on the streets.
Manufactured Items
Notable Members

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