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The Spear of the Legion

The Spear crackled with Arcane Energy in the Emperor's hand. It was made of durnan, and covered with the etchings from ancient myths and battles. The Emperor was wielded in one hand, and the Shield of the Hold in the other, and with these weapons, he strode through the battlefield, an unstoppable force of war.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The spear is made from solid durnan, into which have been etched great myths from the history of the Empire. The spear has been blessed by the Gods, when they were still active, and has been enchanted with durability and power by great Emperor's and Mages, in order to more effectively kill the enemies of the Empire.


The Spear of the Legion is incredibly important to all that see it. It is the Emperor's chosen weapon. It is blessed by the Gods themselves, and crackles with divine energy, and Arcane Energy. To see the Spear of the Legion is to see the death of the Legion's enemies. Should the spear be lost, Legionnaires will fight with possessed fury to retrieve it. The Spear of the Legion was used to kill Outsiders. The Spear of the Legion was used to smite the greatest demons that threatened the Empire, and used to face the Emperor's enemies, such as the Ar'ahk, and the Angels. It is said that the spear was able to pierce even the hides of werewolves. The Spear is often paired with the Shield of the Hold, with their enchantments interacting to both enhance the user, and each weapon.
Item type
Weapon, Melee
Owning Organization
Unique. The Spear of the Legion was constructed thousands of years ago, and has been in use since then, by each Emperor.
6 lbs.
8 feet in length, 2 inch circumfrence.
Base Price
Raw materials & Components
The weapon is made of pure Durnan.
The weapon was made as most spears were, but its distinguished history was what lead to its blessing and fame within the Empire.


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