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Hero's Rest

Despite the distance from the Legion, the place was calm. There were farms and streams. There were no walls around the town, and there is no fear within the small town. Children laugh and play in the sunlight. Behind the main body of the town was a massive cemetery, largely undisturbed. The only sign that the people of Hero's Rest paid it any mind was a shrine in the middle of the cemetery, covered with flowers and candles. The ground on each grave seems fresh, with no grown grass, but the stones themselves are old and worn, hinting at the town's secret protectors.


The population consists of well to do Draconian farmers who have moved away from the crowded lands within the borders of the Empire proper. There are a few Elders, who enjoy their relaxing lives within the town.


The town is governed by the Elders that stay there. The people are taxed heavily, but not so heavily as to burden them. The tax is based on a percentage of crops gained each year, and is based on the profit of the whole town rather than each farm.


Should the town be attacked, by demon or otherwise, the dead themselves rise from the graves, the corpses defending the people of their empire once more. The undead are incredibly powerful, more so than those raised by a necromancer. It seems as though these corpses simply refuse to allow their people to be attacked. There is a small group of footsoldiers, around 20 strong, used mainly to settle disputes and help should something happen to any of the inhabitants.

Industry & Trade

Hero's Rest is a farming village, exporting grain and fruit, as well as meat, alcohol, milk, and cheese. The town imports metal and lumber goods, as well as the stone used to create gravestones. There is a tavern in the town, called "Rested Bones," where travellers may rest, eat, drink, and learn the history of the town.


The town has a main courtyard, and a simple sewage system. There is a single watermill, used to grind grain. There is a single road that passes through the town, from the Empire proper to the joint Draconian and Primal controlled city of Prosper. The town also has a public distillery.


The city of Hero's Rest grows a great deal of fruit and grain for the Empire, though not enough to be a true standout. The main value of Hero's Rest is tourism, as people come to visit the graves of the dead, and see the beautiful valley around.

Guilds and Factions

The town has the Elders, the Farmers, the Distillers, and the Tavern owners. All of them work together in a council, where the Head Gravetender also joins them.


The town was created on the site of a particularly brutal battle, from even before the War for Existence. The ground was cursed by the blood that was spilled, and the dead were angry, and haunted all settlers who came to the land. Eventually, Saint Kurrta came to the land, and she settled there as well. She helped the dead to come to terms with what happened. She guided the lost souls, and began to tend to their graves. Eventually, Saint Kurrta began training a small group of Grave Tenders, to aid the dead.   After the War for Existence, the Draconic Legion needed somewhere to bury their many heroes and martyrs lost during the war. The town of Hero's Rest was selected, due to the reputation of Kurrta's Grave Tenders. The dead were buried there, taking much of the town's resources for the labor, though the town became a tourist spot, as many came to visit the graves of their loved ones, and of legendary heroes. The added tourism gradually helped to economically restore the town, and led to the creation of the Tavern, Rested Bones.   Eventually, the town came under attack. The force was large, and the guards couldn't hold out against the Menace. That was when the dead rose, armed with ancient weapons and magic, coming to the defense of Hero's Rest. Ever since then, so long as the graves are properly tended to, the dead rise to defend the living when needed.


The town is mostly made of small stone huts.


The town is located in a valley with a few streams running through it. The fields within the valley contain beautiful flowers and many peaceful creatures rarely seen elsewhere, though there are wolves in the area.

Natural Resources

The town farms the grain and creates milk and cheese from their cattle, and alcohol from the grain.
Alternative Name(s)
The Great Cemetery
Around 350
Inhabitant Demonym
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