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Kor, The Reaver


Kor was fury incarnate. Its axe cleaved through the Wretches of the Menace, and when it reached the line of Mirvan, it did not slow. Godeater rejoiced as it ripped through the lines of the Menace, and Kor's former kin shrieked in fear as the Reaver descended upon them.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Kor is a lithe, fit figure, that towers over most people, though most of Its height is in Its strangely long legs. Kor has pure white skin, though much of it is hidden under dark leather armor, pointed ears, and eyes that glint gold, as It was created by Ka'Na'Tash.

Body Features

Kor has incredibly long, skinny limbs, and fingers that seem to end in claws of hardened bone. Its skin is carved with golden sigils that bind It to Its duty, serving the Gods, and in their absence, the Empire.

Facial Features

Kor has sharp teeth, like a shark. It is constantly smirking, with its thin lips stretching unnaturally far across its narrow, gaunt face. Kor's Gold eyes fix upon others with cold acknowledgement. Its face is framed by ragged white hair.

Identifying Characteristics

Kor is easily identified by the sigils on Its body.

Special abilities

Kor is able to take the wounds of others unto Itself, a mirror of Its former ability to give Its wounds unto others. This change occurred when it chose to serve the Gods, instead of Motros.

Apparel & Accessories

Kor wears leather armor reinforced with Durnan plates. It has many pouches on Its armor, used for the storage of Arcane Crystals, tools, and Its art supplies.

Specialized Equipment

Kor bears a Garvielta dubbed Godeater, so named for being used to strike down Kah'Tahk, the Soldier.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Kor has forgotten much of its past, save for the actions that led to Its mind separating from the Hive Mind of the Menace. Kor was one of the most feared forces of the Menace, crushing Disciples and shattering bands of soldiers. It had never been bested in combat.   There are many rumors surrounding why Kor changed sides in the War of Existence. Some say that It was visited by the Gods. Some say that It was horrified by Its own actions, and others still believe that it never truly changed sides. Regardless of reason, Kor has been bound to the throne of the Draconic Empire with holy magic, forced to follow the word of whatever Emperor or Empress is on the throne, lacking any instruction from the Gods.   Kor has fought numerous battles over the millennia It has spent serving the Empire, though generally also inflicting casualties on Its own side. It spends the time between missions chained beneath the Durnan hold, where It enters a state of deep meditation, though, as a demon, It never sleeps.   Recently, Emperor Tarick has freed Kor, and is attempting to fully redeem the creature, so It may better serve the Empire.

Gender Identity

Kor intentionally distances Itself from people, preferring to use the term "It, Its," and "Itself," marking it as still a demon. Kor's appearance varies from day to day, as Its Arcane Energy surges and changes, though generally, It looks closest to a slightly feminine presenting man.


Kor has no sexuality.

Accomplishments & Achievements

The Sundering of Unity, where Kor rejected the Hive Mind. The Shattering of the Bringer of Endings, where Kor shattered Hul, the Bringer of Endings, into thousands of pieces, spawning the Seekers of Endings from Its shards. The Silencing of the Dread Speaker, where Kor killed a renegade Blight Speaker, working alongside Emperor Kellen, and the Order of Shades.

Failures & Embarrassments

The entirety of Kor's service under Motros. The Wounding of the Tree, where Kor was cast down by Its sibling, Tur, and wounded heavily, before the wounding of the Arcane Tree.

Mental Trauma

As a former piece of the Menace, Kor struggles with the whispers and flashes of rage that brings. No amount of assistance from clerics has seemed to aid It in coping with the pain of Its memories of being reformed again each time it died, a process it has described as "pain worse than the First God felt when It cast down Sen." Kor also struggles with the memories of what it has done to people in the past, and chosen to separate itself from people, not choosing a pronoun, and seeing people, save the Emperor or Empress, or those that speak for the Gods, as dispensable. This has led to serious problems working with others. Some progress has been made, as Emperor Tarick has spent at least five decades helping Kor personally, through art, and other means commonly employed by clerics, such as behavioral therapy, though little progress has been made.

Intellectual Characteristics

Kor has a cruel intelligence, always seeking to find the most painful way to destroy an enemy, with efficacy being a secondary concern. For non combat approaches, Kor takes the most pragmatic, efficient process possible.

Morality & Philosophy

Kor's morals are strange, reflecting not the morals of the Draconic people, nor the pure lack of morals of the Menace, but morals that are completely alien, based around pragmatism, and the protection of the Emperor. It is believed that Kor has made a series of oaths, binding It to the service of the Emperor, though the oaths are not known by any except Kor and the Emperor. Despite this, Kor has pledged to never harm a child. Kor believes that relying upon the Arcane is weakness, and that one should seek to improve their body and skill with a weapon to the exclusion of the Arcane Arts.


Kor will aggressively pursue those that harm children, even to the extent of ignoring the orders of the Emperor.

Personality Characteristics


Kor desires nothing more than to return the Gods from the dead, so It may be properly guided in penance for Its time under Motros.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Kor is brutally effective fighting on Its own, and has honed Its ability to draw over nearly five decades. Kor is infamously inept at working with others, in any capacity.

Likes & Dislikes

Kor enjoys quiet moments where it can simply draw, whether it be the aftermath of a battle, or simply a natural environment. It enjoys the rush of battle, as is to be expected. It also enjoys the quiet babble of a river.   Kor dislikes those who say more than they mean, as an attempt to sound authoritative.   Kor has an intense hatred of those who would harm children, on par with Its hate for the Menace.

Virtues & Personality perks

Kor is an incredibly devoted agent of the Empire, and will follow the Emperor's words to the letter, regardless of any sacrifice to Itself. Kor is devoted to the protection of those it sees as children, above even the Emperor.

Vices & Personality flaws

Kor often gets lost in Its bloodlust. Kor still hears the whispers of the Menace, even millennia after It separated itself from the Hive Mind.


Kor is very hygienic, believing hygiene to bring it closer to divinity.
Current Location
Year of Birth
6000 W.T 16501 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Kor was created by Ka'Na'Tash, the False God.
Purple, glowing with sinister energy and rage.
Ragged, neck length, white.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale White.
240 lbs
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Kor speaks Demonic, Draconic, and the Low Tongue. It can read all three languages as well. As a demon, Kor can gleam the meaning of most written words, even if written in a language It cannot understand.


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