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The town of Clerbeliard is one of the biggest and definitely the richest settlement in all of Free Duchies. Inhabited exclusively by humans, it is part of the area ruled by the Order of the Shield. The town is most famous for its numerous artisans and mages as well as being the seat of power for the influential knightly order. Moreover, Clerbeliard is built around a very potent Place of Power knows as the Ruby Heart, which gave grounds to its continued importance from both economic and military standpoints.

Industry & Trade

Due to the presence of the Ruby Heart, there is no shortage of arcane energy in the town. As such, many of its citizens choose to follow the path of magic, offering a vast supply of magic items. Although rarely found outside of the town, graduates of Clerbeliard's magic schools are well known around the world and generously paid for their services.


Clerbeliard was founded in 848 AE to provide for the needs of the Imperial Army. Due to its strategic location, it quickly turned into a key production centre for magic items. After the fall of the Human Empire, the 11th regiment has decided to settle down in Clerbeliard and surrounding area, establishing a city-state. Soon, the Order of the Shield was founded, strengthening the town's standings even more.
Large town
4052 (95 A.C.)
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