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Ruby Heart

People say, you can even feel it beating sometimes... Although that is likely just another myth made up by overly impressionable youths.
— Tavern talks
The Ruby Heart is a very potent Place of Power around which the human town of Clerbeliard is built. Kept deep within the castle dungeons, it is used to fuel the town's defenses as well as providing its numerous mages with arcane energy.


The Ruby Heart is probably the most important item possessed by humans west of the Krisna. Its power is the foundation for Clerbeliard's economic and military strength.  


The leading theory says that the Ruby Heart is a crystallised heart of an unusually powerful god from the race of giants. While there is no unambiguous evidence to back that claim, the history of the artefact goes a long way back. Mentioned first in the high elves' books about 1500 years ago, the Ruby Heart was used for a long time by the grey orc tribes of the Great Plains. However, after the Human invasion of the Great Plains it fell into the hands of the winner.
Item type
Unique Artifact
Current Location
Related ethnicities
Owning Organization
~3200 kg
160x100x50 cm

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