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Castel de Vanesse

All of the Great Plains may go up in flames, but the Order's stronghold will keep on standing high. No one has ever taken it — and no one ever will.
— Grand Master Andreas von Pilcz
The knights and soldiers of the Order of the Shield are stationed all across the Great Plains. They stand on guard against any outside threats to the human race — or to the late Emperor Jaymond's order that they have sworn to keep. And Castel de Vanesse is the heart of this powerful organisation, one that keeps up and running all those countless outposts in the surrounding lands. Surpassed in height by only a handful of buildings, with walls so thick they seem unbreakable, manned by a garrison capable of fighting and winning a war on its own — the castle instils a sense of fear and respect.


When the Order of the Shield was still young and weak, its first Grand Master was close friends with the then-duke of Chelux. Vanesse Fortress, then one of many strongholds built by the Human Empire, was temporarily rented to the Order. With time, the Order grew in size and gained new holdings, but the Vanesse Fortress remained the same. Only later was it granted to the Order in perpetuity and rebuilt into a magnificent structure it is today. Since then, the Order added to it twice, expanding the outer layer of the walls while keeping the same aesthetics.
Alternative Names
White Stronghold
Parent Location
Ruling/Owning Rank
Owning Organization

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