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This city is located near the coast in the southeast of Ankare Island in the Euhukoa Empire. It holds the largest airship manufacturing industry in the entirety of Arbressian. As such it is considered a fairly noisy and unpleasant place to live but it obviously has the job opportunities and infrastructure to make up for most of noise pollution.


Gladarrin is predominantly inhabited by working class citizens with a small number of affluent people living in the center of the city. The poor are a greater number than the rich and they mainly live in the neighbourhoods closest to the industrial buildings in the outskirts of Gladarrin.


Gladarrin, as well as Ankare Island at large, is run by a governor appointed by the Empress of Euhukoa Empire. The governor oversees all trade, law enforcement and taxation on the island. They are the Empress' eyes and ears on Ankare Island and enact her will in her stead.   A city council comprised of the heads of each guild in Gladarrin can make suggestions on how the city is run and is supposed to function, as well bring up issues that citizens have brought to them. However, the governor has the final say in all decisions (unless otherwise ordered by the Empress).

Industry & Trade

There are four total airship yards on the outskirts of the city. One specialises in building large cargo airships, another in building smaller passenger ships. The third builds and services small private airships that can be operated by a minimum of two crew members. Finally the fourth airship yard builds the small auto-steered airships that fly at incredible speeds.   A smaller traditional shipyard builds and repairs fishing boats for the big lake which Gladarrin sits by.   In order to get materials for the airships there are mining operations in the nearby mountains. The ore is then transported to the furnaces in Gladarrin to be smelted and sold to the airship yards or other industries in need of metal.   Lumberyards get wood from the nearby forest and sell it to shipyards, woodworkers, and as firewood.   With all of the industry taking up most of the area around the city, a lot of the grains and other sources of food are imported from villages on the other side of the forest or even from Drifthorne, the closest city on the floating Somerrane Island. Fabrics are also largely imported.
Large city
Approximately 22,200


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