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The mountains parted before Brynn, dropping sharply hundreds of feet below where she stood into a long, jagged valley. In the distance, she could make out the roofs and towers of her destination: Ironforge. The smoke billowing from its many forges turned the air above the city a brownish yellow. Brynn's eyes followed the roads and paths scratched into the valley's floor, leading from the city to its many mines. To the right, the flattened peak of Mount Iuz loomed threateningly, as if to remind the valley's inhabitants that it could at any moment lay waste to their operations.

Ironforge is the capital of Osna and the beating heart of the mountain range known as the Talons of the Sky. It is a hotbed of industrial activity with a focus on mining and metalworking. The city is vast, spanning from rim to rim of a long valley between the peaks of the Talons. These peaks are rich in minerals, metals, and other valuable resources that the Ironforgians have taken advantage of for centuries. However, this existence comes with a constant risk. One of the city's neighboring mountains is Mount Iuz, an active volcano which has on several occasions come close to destroying the city entirely. The great engineers of Ironforge over the city's existence have implemented several counter-measures to combat any possible damage from lahars or lava flows, but the city would be unable to do anything to prevent a buildup of ash. Indeed, on several occasions in the city's history, the streets have become so clogged with ash as to shut down all industry for days or weeks until it could be cleared. Some say that the city actually stands far higher than its original foundations, as in the olden days, when Iuz erupted frequently, the Ironforgians would simply build atop the ruins of their city.

Because of Ironforge's dependence on the resources from the Talons of the Sky, its patron deity is Xitos, the dwarven god of craft and the forge. Anyone looking for well-crafted weapons, equipment, and even jewelry can hope to find whatever they need in Ironforge. Always on the cusp of new technological advancements, Ironforge is the place to go for any folk interested in learning metalcraft or related trades from some of the world's best smiths. The city holds a world-renowned three-day festival each year, drawing in visitors across Galactus who hope to sell their goods or buy top-tier equipment and weaponry for whatever needs they might have. The festival almost rivals that of Splendarrmorndin's in size, and the two cities have a friendly competition each year, creating elaborate events and contraptions to see which can draw more visitors.

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