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The capital of the south duchy of Caloth, Kynewal is the most heavily fortified city in the kingdom. It's placement near the Storm Gap and the Vermillion Expanse has formed a strong martial tradition among its people.


80 percent human 10 percent half-humans (Half-Elf, Half-Orc, etc.) 8 percent small folk (Dwarf, Halfling, Gnome) 2 percent Other


The city of Kynewal is ruled by the Duke Mathias Graddock and the City Council, who act as the Duke's advisors.   Ruler- Duke Mathias Graddock, ruler of the city of Kynewal and head of the City Council   City Council members: Vorthas Kigon- Marchkeeper   Tythus Reggs- High Justice of Kynewal   Remen Tol- Master of Whispers   Duke Gaddock and his staff handle much of the administrative and logistical areas of the city's population directly, such as managing food, trade, resources, construction, etc.   Lord Kigon manages the city military forces when the Duke is not in direct command. He handles city defense, training of troops, and organizes and leads military actions.   Lord Reggs enforces the law within the city and maintains order and controls the City Guard.   Lord Tol is the head of intelligence. He sees the gathering of information about internal and external threats to the city.


High walls Defense towers Wall mounted siege artillery 93 City Guard regulars around 1,000 militia 400 Scarlet Riders Cavalry 200 Infantry and Archers

Industry & Trade

Important Imports: raw materials for forging, grains and vegetables Important exports: iron and steel goods, weapons, military units, and officers


Outlying farmland Lakeside docks Watermills Sewer system Trade houses and markets Blacksmiths Carpenters Temples of Melora, Kord, Moradin


The Brass Colt Tavern The Iron Hall Forge Calvary Training Fields Mortin's Trade Hall Tempest Order Branch Office Military training facilities

Guilds and Factions

Trade House- major importers and exporters of goods for the city. Tempest Order- adventuring guild that handles threats the city cannot. The Scarlet Riders- order of knights within the city. House Graddock- ruling family of Kynewal


The youngest of the three cities of Caloth, Kynewal was settled by people fleeing from the iron grip of the Drakenvos Dominion and those running from the warlords of the Vermillion Expanse. They came together and built a fortress to defend themselves from both enemies. With the help of a clan of allied Stone Giants, the walls of Kynewal were built to withstand the harshest of sieges. When Athos Caloth began his rebellion against the Dominion, the already hardened people of Kynewal came to his aid early on in his campaign, providing him a powerful fortress and staging ground. In the present day, Kynewal is a city of industry and martial prowess and stands as the shield and spear of the kingdom's southern border.


The architecture is function over form. While elegant in their own way, the majority of buildings in the city are simple and robust. Homes and structures are primarily built from stone and are often adorned with the iconography of horses and knights in full plate. On the south wall of the city, two paintings stretch up and across the stonework: one depicts a great battle outside the walls of the city, and the other depicts a victorious sunrise over a blackened landscape, with a soldier holding the crests of Kynewal and the kingdom of Caloth high.
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Owning Organization

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