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What could a race of tinkers do in a volcano that was permanently frozen by one of their own? They would build the most unsafe, technologically advanced death trap ever seen and call it a city. There are levels within the volcano that one can only reach by catapult. There are levels of the volcano dedicated to the creation of the most successful and repeatable design any gnome has ever created....The toaster...


This island is populated entirely by Gnomes. No other race is willing to spend more than a few minutes on the island.


In days long since past the greatest gnome to ever live, Gnoric, found an island and declared it a gnomish haven for them to come and practice their tinkering skills. In the years after Gnoric’s disappearance, the gnomes came to call the island after the one who found it, Gnoric Island. The island was small, only taking a day to travel all the way around the outside edge. In the center of the island was a dormant volcano that the gnomes carved into creating their home city. They named the volcano Mount Gnoric, also after the finder of the island. The gnomes had no worries about the volcano they called home because Gnoric froze the core with the ring of air created by the Goddess Blerda before leaving the world. The gnomes believed that those of them that could create something that worked most of the time were the best at what they did. The ones that made things that worked once or twice and then failed were a few steps away from perfection. Then there were the gnomes that just couldn’t get it to work at all. This last group of gnomes was considered the failures, sometimes forced to work outside the volcano, in rare cases, exiled from the island altogether. Over the years the gnomes have created many inventions, most of which have not found much use beyond the island because few inventions work as intended. In the capital city of Cardon, Dalecrowns, the gnomes had erected their largest invention, Grish Tower. Grish Tower is a large clock tower that faces the palace so the king can see what time it is by looking out his window. Their widest used item and one that they have begun to mass produce is the toaster. It's a mix of magic and tinkering that lightly burns whatever is placed inside. Many inns and taverns use the toaster on bread or bagels to bring them back to a fresh-made state, but leaving it for too long will burn it.


Forested Island with an inactive volcano at its center.
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