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Sandail 21st, 1378 ADW

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Esterwynne is a world of great history. Birthed by the great AO and left for lesser gods to take care of thousands of years ago. These gods each claimed part of the world as their own and developed it as they wanted, but it was a short time before their creations began to interact and the gods stepped back from the world to allow their creations free reign. Various events changed the shape of the world land masses, events such as a mass of volcanos pushing onto the surface to a god pushing continents together. Since these great upheavals, the world has settled, kingdoms have formed and warred with each other. Stepping into the current times, the wars have stopped, for the most part, borders have been agreed on and trade lanes have been set up. There are still areas that only the brave venture into, wild forest, massive mountains, and deep caves. The world is on the verge of change, the peacefulness is being broken, quietly in remote areas of the world. Few leaders are taking notice and because of this, things grow in power. Deep dark caves, tall remote mountains, forgotten ruins, and uncharted oceans hold secrets that left unchecked will usher in a new age of darkness.

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