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"Craikova is to the Blue Sea what rain is to the sun", once said Ola Guiom in one of his letters. Craikova is a town in the vicinity of Sookva. but as Sookva is large, clean and luminous, Craikova is cramped, disgusting and dangerous. To the traveler crossing the Blue Sea, the contrast hits strong, since Craikova is only on the opposite bank of Rova lake.   But why is the town so ominous? Along the fact that it's almost always misty, just like any other village in the blue plains, the main reason is its activities. In fact, Craikova suffers from its central place in the Blue Sea, which has caused it to host all of the region's tanneries. The city is polluted, populated by low-class workers who have brought gambling, street criminality, drugs and booze. There, life expectancy is lower than anywhere else in the continent. there, pollution and filth have caused thousands to die from the Red Death in a decade. And with its proximity to the lake, everything has spread downstreams, from garbage to chemicals, from dirt to disease.   For a few years now, multiple downstream villages face destruction, for their fisheries choke in putrid water, and their families die from the red plague. Ashmed with the city's stain on his reputation, the lord of Sookva has tried bringing an end to the filth, but rather than succeeding, it sparked the start of a revolt among the workers, who feared to lose their jobs, and has brought troubled times in the Blue West.


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