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795.II, 14 Meoii

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Boomal is a work of evolution. As a large, everchanging continent, Boomal brings challenges to the people, be they humans in a thriving civilisation, magicians who live in remote, hidden cities or all the species that are yet to be discovered. Colonizing this world, learning about the Elementals, those creatures so mysterious and so full of magic power that no one has ever had a grasp of their intentions, are some of the nearly infinite problematics of the current times.   As human society develops, as new technologies emerge, the question of the relationship between humans and nature is rising on the verge of an industrial revolution. Decadent societies, wars and migrations will be pondered along the story of Boomal. interspecific interactions, political conflicts, science, are reshaping the societies, and by extent the life on the whole continent.   As a naturalist, I focus on building a semi-realistic world, with a singular biota created from following, on a different path, nature's rules. But with magic in the air, the world is even more diverse. I welcome you all to discover Boomal, through historical testimonies, scientific articles, drawings, poetry and novels. I make this world as alive as possible, to share it in a pleasant way.

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The quest for the Holy Vail

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