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Isca Julian

Isca Julian is an island located off the southwest corner of United Britannia and Hibernia. Isca Julian is famous for its tourism industry; all witches hope to vacation in Isca Julian.   The island is famous for its Mediterranean weather; it is one of only a few places that magickally controls its weather, due to the sheer number of witches with Nature Magic needed to control the weather every day.


65% witch, 35% Nullis

The witches are those with Nature Magic (and a few other kinds!) and the Nullis do all jobs that witches do not want to do.


Officially, the island is governed by the Council and Magisterium, although their hold on the island is tenous at best. Like Calcaria, the island takes no funding from Ilyrium are completely self-sustainable.


Like all witch buildings and lands, there is stringent defense against humans and most natural disasters.


Isca Julian's largest industry is tourists.


Isca Julian was settled in 243 CE by witches. Prior to the island turning into a vacation spot, the island was mostly utilized for farming. In 1100 CE, the island was magickally terraformed into the Mediterranean paradise it is today. The process took approximately 50 years and must be maintained daily.


The architecture is largely Mediterranean; houses, cottages, hotels, and other buildings are made of stucco with tiled, colorful roofs. Typically, dwellings also have courtyards, where fragrant trees like lemon and orange grow.


The island is largely flat, with only a few rolling hills. In the middle, a large lake exists where people are able to swim at all hours of the day. Temperatures are mild, although there is a rainy season that makes for an island only completely filled with tourists 3/4 of the year.


A main street in Isca Julian

The permanent population is only about 600.
Inhabitant Demonym

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Author's Notes

Header image from here. Sidebar image from here.   Prompt: Describe a settlement that is famous (or infamous) for its industrial activities.

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