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United Britannia and Hibernia

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In a world of magic, the witches are the most powerful beings on Earth. They have evolved completely separately from humans, whom they deem inferior to themselves, and they inhabit their own magical cities.   For centuries, witches have lived in relative harmony. There are no wars, few diseases, no famine or pestilence. The witches thrive on their magic and its evolution, and the problems plaguing most other societies are happily absent.   Recently, however, things in United Britannia and Hibernia seem to be slowly falling apart. The highest form of government, the Magisterium, is an ominous mystery that lords over everyone. The Council, the next highest level, is spiraling into corruption and deceit. And perhaps most worrisome, a dark and sinister force has begun to permeate and poison UBH.   But sometimes, forces too strong--or simply too different--can be too much for even people with all of the power in the world.