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Asteroid TES-64343

Also known as "Caput Canis" (dog's head) due to its shape this large asteroid, which is part of the belt between Mars and Jupiter, is the site of a huge industrial plant, obtained by digging inside the asteroid, so that now only the outer shell has remained intact. The construction, who begun two centuries ago, was started to obtain a structure capable of working on site the materials extracted from the belt of asteroids, to make transport easier. The construction, due to the difficulties of the environment caused by, in addition to the normal space conditions, to the fact that it was a work never done before took several years, and costed the lives of dozens of workers, both free and slaves. However, once completed, the work was extremely advanced: an independent space station, with lots of rooms for personnel, and a huge industrial plant capable of working and storing correctly every kind of metal obtainable from the other asteroids in order to then be able to send them to the Empire. This role has been maintained until now, although, with the imperial interest shifting to the extrasolar space and the new colonies, this place is beginning to fall into decline, a decline also derived from the fact that the resources that should be processed here are starting to dwindle, making the obsolescence of this place closer each day. Now the station is partially abandoned, as much of the human personnel has been replaced in the last decades by automatons, which has both freed many areas and fueled the discontent of the human population, which has decided to devote themselves to smuggling. Taking advantage of both its own isolation and the spaces once used by the population and now abandoned, the last humans of the station have created a flourishing international trade, exploiting the contacts with all the other empires and managing to reach a remarkable level of well-being, even with all the problems inherent in their situation.


While technically under Imperial rule, the suprintendent just make sure that enough materials reach Earth as to not rise suspicions. The blackmarket is ruled as a democracy between the permanent residents of the asteroid.


Being a mine it doesn't have many defences, just a couple of turrets for close range fighting. If somebody came seriously at them they'll fold in no time.


While there are still mining operations, now most of the wealth come from smuggling, as does most of the necessities for the inhabitants, like food, spare parts, oxygen etc.


The asteroid has, other than the industrial and mining plants, also a residential area with single and double rooms, an automated kitchen with a lot of variety, a cinema, two bars, a gym and even a small hydroponics garden.
Alternative Name(s)
Caput Canis (Dog's head)
Outpost / Base
30 permanent residents, plus 100 automatons. Usually there are between 5-10 smugglers of various origins

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