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Image by Yeonji Rhee

Krytilstat, a city in Vesuvula, is one of the many homes of the warforged under the rule of Granitus, the war leader. He oversees the main advancements in their settlement as they are an industrious nation. Their main technological advancements are in the art of war.   The people of Krytilstat are amazing designers and forgers. Their understanding of physics is astounding and their work ethic is unnaturally strong due to their stubborn behavior. They have made the strongest advancements throughout the 5 kingdoms. They are the most advanced in terms of barring doors; creating functioning, strong elevators; transport of heavy duty materials up a wall and through tough terrain as well as strong advancements in weapons.


The city of Krytilstat is populated by the warforged, strange rock like creatures. They are a stubborn, racist people who refuse to accept any other species as equals. They have trade routes with people from Maalta, but have destroyed their bonds with Breace and Tedepris


The warforged live under rule from the army general Granitus. Although he is the main ruler, no one rules alone, he and his main commanding officers make all of the decisions for the country. They work off of a fair tax system, but each Krystal is loyal to their country and gives a small portion of their craft to the army to support them. The people have a strong voice in the country, but, Granitus is indeed in charge. His way with words inspires the country to do what he wants, to agree with him on everything. The warforged may be a strong, loyal and trusting race, but, they aren't very intelligent and thus are easily manipulated by dignitaries


The people of Krytilstat have strong physical defences. They have a wall around the perimeter towering over 5000m in height whose top is covered in poison barbs. They have are settled across the dragons trough which is constantly flowing with magma. There is a bridge across it, but that bridge is guarded by two watchtowers which control the movement of trade and tourism


The inhabitants of Krytilstat have some normal jobs (baking, cooking, selling land ect) They trade some armor and weapons with Maalta tribes, but their main trade with them is with precious metals and gemstones


These Krystals are the founders of many great inventions. They were the first to invent catapults and have had many developments over time. They have invented fire propelled explosives and have a crank system in place. They have also harnessed the power of the earths core through the dragons trough to create the strongest forges in the kingdom. They can melt the strongest of materials and turn them into weapons. They can even forge swords out of diamond. Speaking of forges, they have created the strongest and most advanced weapons in the world. They have invented things like switch axes which can turn from great swords to axes. They also have invented the first advances in firepower. They have "fire swords" which can shoot and stab. Their main item of trade is armor which they have little use for considering they are made mostly of stone


Equipment: They are blessed with astounding weapons and armor. They commonly use heavy weapons. (War axes, hammers, great swords ect)
Stores: Their most common stores with each other is food, home and entertainment. ("Lava pops", homes, toys, weapons ect.)
Valuables: Being so close to the core, they find alot of rare gemstones and fossils and such
Alternative Name(s)
The Dragons Forge
10 000 (Ball point figure)
Inhabitant Demonym

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