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Ombitrium consists of angry deserts, cold riversides and a happy mild-mannered centre. The East contains the harsh deserts and bubbling volcanos of Maaltra (South East) and Vesuvula (North East). The West has polar winds echoing over frozen lakes and shrieking forests of gloom of Tedepris (North West) and Klinkidok (South West). Eacch of these countries lay on the outskirts of the world, in the center is the hub for trade and there lies the kingdom of Ombitrium. This land lies in the middle of the world and is called Bease. All the world is separated into five equal parts.   As the sun pours over the honed peaks of the jagged mountain tops, it creates a mystic hue of golden haze over the cracked red deserts of Maalta. The settlers there wear masks to hide themselves from the raging dust storms brought by the aggressive Warnados, the native beasts of the land. They live in small, easy to build huts as any permanent living quarters would be destroyed by these ferocious creatures. They are a superstitious culture who have multiple gods, deities and demons in common folklore. They are not very intelligent as they do not have access to an abundance of knowledge. They are quick to anger and stubborn as mules, any attempt to negotiate with them can prove difficult because of this, however easier at times when offered food and necessities in return for something they didn't even know they had. The people of Maalta (Maaltaves) are exceptionally well known for their jewels are work in jewelry and enchantments. If you need a quick heal or an armor spell, Maalta has it, if you are looking to learn he ancient fire and air magic of old, these characters will be sure to help you with their tight connections to the past and contain some of the most skilled in offensive magic. They are a very connected and united community who travel through these harsh deserts on Trodders. Trodders do resemble that of a camel, but are much wider and sport two, long curled horns on either side of their heads. Although often docile, these creatures can be aggressive if aggravated and are often used in place of horses during wars. Much the camel, Trodders store fat in humps on their backs. Many creatures are common to the land of Maalta, from Trodders to Warnados, the most common are that of lizards and vultures. The more aggressive species live in underground burrows and scarcely found caves nearer to the mountains. The most aggressive of these creatures is that of the Amathyzard. These lizard like creatures tend to live closer to the mountain side and sport hard, stone-like patches on the essential areas, they are usually darker colors as they are nocturnal and the largest ones can grow up to 20m long.   Moving up towards the towering mountains to the North East we find a land of bubbling magma and boiling lava. There is no grass nor any other plant in sight. If you haven't lived there for years, it can be difficult to breathe when you enter. If you thought the settlers of Maalta were angry, think again, the native settlers of the searing Vesuvula are a hundred times worse. They are all paranoid and kill any invaders on sight with their amazing hand crafted heavy metal weapons, its no surprise these people are experts in the art of the smitherey, creating beautiful blades and deadly hammers in the main core of the fiery earth. . They do have a multitude of permanent settlements, the main being that of Krytilstat, a city centered in the middle of a circle of aggressive active volcanoes, It is surrounded by a massive wall of obsidian with sharp metal shrapnel scattered along the tops and sides to stop people climbing and entering unannounced. These people may be fiery like their forge, but they are loyal to their word, they will NOT double cross you, but will always expect you to double cross them. The main creatures littering this land are scarce and aggressive. This place is home to multiple species of dragon, some who swim through the lava (Magmites) and others who are not hurt by the armour due to their rocky exterior. (Stagons) The biggest threat, however is small and misleading in cuteness. This is the famed Trigoul, a three headed cat who is no bigger than that of a house cat with a shred body and a serpents tale. They play and fake a hostile state, but will only lure you closer to bite you. Although not too painful at first, the wound will soon administer a painful poison which heats up your blood and causes you to boil from the inside out.   Gliding over to the West we find a the gloomy cold forest of Tedepris. The trees hang low are dark, at night, a pigment in the center glows a dark, deep blue, adding to cold atmosphere. The light they provide shines over the river of tears (Tideruff) giving it a hazy, life-less glare. Although plentiful and luscious, the nature seems dead and worthless. Although there is a tribe living there, it seems life-less. The native settlers live among the trees, but not like tree houses, they live inside the actual trees. Some of the larger ones span up to 100 square meters, these are then hollowed out and settlements built within them, the ovens and rooms carved into the wood as well as all other storage units. The people are mot well known for their use of potions and breweries as the forest gives them access to a wide variety of herbs and ingredients and is home to the legendary golden mushrooms who are said to be able to heal any wound and even death. These settlers reflect the world around them, hollow and lifeless, they won ask questions, they will do what they are told and the suicide rates are high. These people you will often find working as slaves for the other settlements in Ombitrium, you can do hat you like to them, they don't care. There are surprisingly few creatures, but those which you do find are often docile. The most commonly found creature is the unicorn who is farmed and culled for their meat and horns, both which provide healing and buffing purposes, the rarest part is the dust they produce from their horns which creates an incredible fragrance and adds an intense flavor. The most aggressive creature in these woods is often times docile as well, it is the Cravens. These bird like creatures are large and have the face and body of a wolf and the wings and tail of a peacock. The are majestic, but often times crave human flesh. In order to keep them at bay, the native settlers sacrifice their prisoners to the beast once a month, unfortunately, their crime rate is especially low (Can you believe) and thus attacks by these creatures are common.   Following the river Tideruff, we travel South towards the land of Klinkidok, a frozen tundra of death and depression. The land is long and barren aside from the odd glacier or two. The main land is a hub for thieves and murderers fleeing Tedepris's death penalty, they fit in well as the people here are heartless, cold lairs. NEVER trust a Klinky, they WILL betray you. These people are harsh and don't care how they hurt you if it will get them a buck or two. The guards are corrupt, the people are lairs, the city is build on deceit and betrayal. However, if you manage to befriend a Klinky (Which is highly unlikely) they can provide you with a network of money and jewels and all matters of illegally gained wealth and power. They are incredibly manipulative and are strong in words, you might learn a thing or two from them. The main creatures here are about as hostile as the people, Ice Bears decorated in icy spikes are harbingers of destruction and the feared Soulstress can turn you to ice in an instance with their use of spells. The most dangerous creature stands 100 meters high and towers over it's enemy, the Slithe is a frost serpent who rears it's bony figure at nearby enemies and shoots it's ribs at them, it is a deadly attack and they quickly recover by freezing moisture in the atmosphere to create new bones and pieces of their body. They are near impossible to kill as their heart is the only thing not made of ice, unfortunately, it is tiny and surrounded by a thick crust of hard ice. Slithe usually present themselves as serpents (At least the most dominant one) But due to their form being nothing but ice, they sometimes take other forms depending on their heards and nature, they are the most common creature found in this tundra.   The final place lies in the center of all these settlements and is an even balance of all (Or so you would think) Bease is the biggest kingdom and is full of industries people. These are the fellas who plan all trade routes and war plans and the main ruler of Ombitrium lives here. Everyone here is slow to rage and happy as can be, but there is something sinister happening under the kingdom, plans of an uprising, plans of heavy death...