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Descroane is a bustling port city at the heart of Karneharte, its streets filled bustling with the coming and going of tourists, merchants, and navy sailors. The city is a popular tourist destination with a quaint yet lively atmosphere. During the day, the streets are filled with street vendors and a variety of activities; a night, the excitement moves off the street as the many after-dark establishments open their doors.  


The city's charming buildings are made from coquina, formed by the shells of coquina clams compressed by layers of debris and held together by calcium carbonate. These walls are incredibly sturdy, able to withstand heavy cannon fire and the passage of hundreds of years, making Descroane one of the most well-defended cities.

It's pale tan and grey walls are brought to life with colorful cloth awnings. Soft reds, yellows, and blues crisscross the city with a playful vibrancy. These cloths cover porches and small streets to provide shade during the heat of the day. Flowering plants are potted all around in an effort by the city council to give the city more charm.



Descroane's economy is built around the shipping and transportation industries. Merchant and shipping companies hold the most wealth and power. Military follows a close second as it takes a quarter of the port's land area, acting as an active station for Karneharte's military and a rest stop for foreign navies.   Piggybacking on the shipping industries, the refining of raw products shipped in has found its own place near the harbor, exporting processed goods to be made into final products elsewhere.   Away from the harbor, the service industry and local craftsmen cater to the large influx of tourists. Many places of entertainment have cropped up in around the city center and street vendors infest the surround the vicinity, noisily hawking their goods.


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