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Nexus 01

A sprawling planet-wide city that serves as both the capital city and largest production hub of The Technocratic Union. It contains the largest manufacturing plant on the planet, being cappable of producing a Capital-Class ship in its entirety in one day, thanks to secretive Pre-Scream technology hidden deep within the complex. From Nexus 01 the Union's Triarchs convene to create policy and coordinate the three pilars of the Union's society.


Each of the three "classes" that make up the Union make up about a third of the total population of Nexus 01. The Engineering faction has a slightly higher population thatn the other two.


The Triarchs of the Union have direct control of Nexus 01 as it is the capital of the Union. Laws that affect the entire Union are decided upon as a group, while each Triarch has complete jurisdiction over his faction of the population. Cooperation is enforced by the lack of power a faction would have if it turned on the other two.


Orbital defence platforms, planetary shields over significant areas, massive standing garrison, and a large home fleet in orbit.

Industry & Trade

Exports: Development of new technologies, manufacturing of needed and luxury goods   Imports: Food from claimed or allied Agri-worlds, Raw materials for manufacturing plants.


Massive manufacturing plants, global power generators, sophisticated research facilities and the most well built defensive fortifications since Old Earth was still known. Vast public transit systems operate non-stop.


Massive manufacturing capabilities with large stores of advanced technology and one of the largest economies in known space.

Guilds and Factions

The three factions of the Union with their various sub-factions


Nexus 01 was designated as the capital of The Technocratic Union at its foundation in the 2900s. It has been the most stable and long lasting human government since the Pre-Scream era. It has repelled numerous assaults from various enemies of the Union and has never been occupied.


Practical design with little in the way of iconography, concrete and steel used for most buildings with other materials used sparingly for esthetics.


As a world wide city any natural features of the planet have been subsumed into the design of Nexus 01.

Natural Resources

Almost no natural resources exist in Nexus 01. Oxygen is farmed with specially designed hydroponic facilities and almost all food and water resources are imported.
Owning Organization

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