Carved into the mountain known as Defiance, Whisper is the capital of the Mohrite people found within the Parched Expanse. Those that willingly wander it's salt-scoured streets learn that Whisper is a citadel of old secrets, ancient machines, and dark rituals.

Sandworn Industry

Found at the core of the city is a massive foundry constructed by the ancient Udirkith that originally inhabited the Hold. It is from this foundry that all weapons, tools, and armor of the Mohrite, Sand Dwarves, and most Greenfolk originate from. There have even been recent breakthroughs in the animation of Sandstone Golems through reverse engineering of the original Stone Golems that walked the Hold's many halls.


Outer City: The Shanty

The buildings found outside of the Hold have been constructed in the common Mohrite style, sand-brick walls and scaled leather roofing. However, the intricate nature of the Dwarven architecture found within the Hold has had an influence on the Outer city. Several of the larger structures of hieroglyphs and runes carved in a similar, story-telling manner that you would find within any Dwarven Hold.

Inner City: The Hold

Contructed long ago by the Udirkith, ancestors of the Blackhill and Sand Dwarves, the Dwarven Hold was constructed in classic Dwarven style of stone, steel, and what little timber they could find. The Sand Dwarves that still live within Whisper take great care in maintaining the ancient hieroglyphs found scattered around the Hold. The newly built sections of the Hold have similar hieroglyphs but are instead written in Vushnol.

General Information

Alternative Name(s)
Whisper Hold, Sandbite Hold (Old Dwarvish)
Around 20,000.
Location under

Whispers of the Parched

  • Those that live on the outskirts of the Parched Expanse believe that within Whisper is the secret to manipulating the underground rivers found deep below the desert.


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