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Haven for the Half-Elves

Neither Human nor Elven, Merrick finds itself on the cusp of something, but its residents are unsure of what. Lacking the magic of their Elven heritage and the ability to wield Firearms like their Human ancestors, this Half-Elf settlement made its name through the use of Human ingenuity and Elven luck. On the edge of two great empires, Merrick is the gateway on the water, a major trade thoroughfare for Humans and Elves alike.   Situated past the southern end of the Amaratharr Valley, close to the roaring waters of the Gweyr and the placid shores of Lake Idryl, Merrick is a bustling port town, full of Human ingenuity and industry. Outside of the confines of the Elven Kingdom, industrial buildings, such as fisheries and hydro-powered canneries, flourish and thrive, creating goods on a massive scale. Here the Half-Elves have harnessed the power of steam and ferocious water to power their boats and their livelihoods.   Merrick began as almost a prison settlement; unwanted Half-Elves being sent to the edge of both societies to remove the undesired peoples from the desired population. Over time, those sent there began to see the possibilities of harnessing the southern end of the Gweyr and the large lake that stood near them. Lake Idryl was a haven for faefish, a delicacy in some areas, and that was where their profits lie.   Through a little Elven magic and some Human ingenuity, the Half-Elves built their steam-powered empire, creating a new form of preserving the fish through canning and packaging. Without access to salt, or the usual means of preservation, the new canning method using glass was revolutionary, and something that could only be found in Merrick.   After the Eldritch War had decimated much of the continent, others tried to replicate the method used by those in Merrick, but no one could harness a power equivalent to the Gweyr and Lake Idryl. Magic was unable to replicate the process, and soon, Merrick became one of the largest trading hubs between the Human Empire and the Elven Kingdom.


The villages that surround Lake Idryl are often small, but Merrick is by far the largest of the villages along the shore. While the village itself is considered quite rural in terms of infrastructure, having simple docks and river stone roads. The buildup of industry allows for grand buildings, but the villagers choose to have simplicity in most things in the village.   Most inhabitants of the village are Half-Elves, but there is also a humber of Humans and Elves that choose to make their home in Merrick. Those that live here are heavily invested in the industry that brings Merrick great weath, including fishing and canning.

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History & Infrastructure

Elven Wood Docks
Although a settlement of Half-Elves, Merrick utilizes the wood of the Aelinor Oaks from the Elven Forest for their docks. In return for the wood, the people of the area often share Faefish and other delicacies with the Outlanders.
One of the few villages built along the shores of Lake Idryl before the Eldritch War, Merrick became little more than a ghost town as decimation forced the townsfolk to flee and find greater safety. As the war came to its end, more and more Half-Elves were forced from the homes they knew in the Human Empire and the Elven Kingdom, eventually converging on Merrick and rebuilding what once had been known as a safe haven.   As the settlement grew and ingenuity, magic, and luck began shaping the haphazard settlement, new technologies were discovered, such as Glass Canning, that revolutionized how food was stored and shipped. This expansion led to various buildings and infrastructure in the village being heavily built up to account for the massive demand of Faefish that was placed on the settlement.   With Lake Idryl and the Gweyr being the village's greatest source of water and power, the roads were paved with river stones. Some houses were also built with these stones, but the townsfolk chose to trade with the Outlanders so that they could utilize the hearty wood of the Aelinor Oaks that could be found closeby in the Elven Forest.   The rapid growth of the village soon required someone to lead it, a singular person that would serve as the village's elected official when it came to matters of ordinances and trade. This person would be known as the mayor and would solve disputes or any other issues that arose amongst the villagers
or with outsiders that came into Merrick. Oftentimes, this person would be one that had taken after their Elven heritage, although only Half-Elves were allowed to serve as the Mayor of Merrick.
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Industry & Resources

The largest industry in Merrick relies on the population of Faefish that call the waters of Lake Idryl home. As these fish can only be found in one location in the world, they are considered a delicacy that many wish to try. Merrick thrives due to the technologies developed there that allow the villagers to catch, can, and sell Faefish to the greater continent. Other fish and some vegetables can be canned in the factories there, but Faefish is by far the most profitable.   Merrick and the immediate surrounding area have little in the way of resources outside of the fish in the lake. Because of this, trade is a necessity, and establishing Merrick as a major trade hub between the Human Empire and the Elven Kingdom has allowed the village access to wood and other materials that they could not easily acquire otherwise.   These industries are also supplemented with guided lake crossings and some farming and ranching in fields on the southern and eastern edges of town. Small herds of cattle and sheep are common to add variety to the diet of those that live in the village. Many also serve as guides to ferry people across Lake Idryl as the enormous depth of the lake often scares people.

Defenses & Assets

While a rather weathy village, Merrick has very little in terms of land defenses. Instead, they have focused their defensive efforts towards the water, knowing of the large creatures that lurk in the depths of Lake Idryl. Attacks of any type have been uncommon since the days of the Eldritch War, but the townsfolk have chosen to be prepared for whatever may come from the lake instead of suffering the destruction that the village has already faced.   That being said, storerooms and the bank have been built to withstand a variety of things, including natural disasters and the stray explosion. These buildings keep money, equipment, and other stores that are paramount to Merrick's survival and their ability to continue thriving.


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May 26, 2022 05:49

It seems like the population is a bit small. Why don't some larger group want to take over? Where is the glass made? Is there anything special about it or the sealing of the containers?Overall it is a well done article.

May 27, 2022 22:53

There are many places in the U.S. and around the world that have small population sizes similar to this. There will often be more people than 219 in the town due to transience and its location on trade routes. This is definitely a small village on the edge of two kingdoms that is on somewhat of a rebound, in the current day it is small.   There isn't necessarily a reason for someone to take over. Most of our "reasonable" races (intelligent, thinking, able to communicate in some fashion) are not warfaring in the traditional sense due to things that have happened in our world. Namely the traditional friendly races you would probably recognize (humans, dwarves, elves, ect...) taking a huge population hit only a few centuries ago due to a largescale eldritch horror war and have a more peaceful relation that most settings.   Politically speaking this region would fall under the domain of the Human Empire, moving in to take any territory associated with a kingdom would be similar to a declaration of war with a major power on the continent. Things in the human empire are set up so that sizeable areas are guarded by a lord that would retaliate in case of a take over from those that would be interested. Not to mention this is the canonical hometown of the Grand Duelist, the Witch Queen Catherine Nightbreeze's personal knight. In terms of D&D or roleplaying he is a character that can limitlessly gain physical stat points. It would be foolish to invade his hometown to say the least.   The glass is made locally. Manufacturing of glass is not a terribly hard process, we have done it in our world for a great length of time. Sand is abundantly available from Lake Idryl, which Merrick resides next to.   Think of the canning as similar to Canning or Jarring (or pickling) which is seen in our world. This is just the area where it started in earnest as a valuable technique/technology. The specifics of it will be revealed in a follow-on article later down the road.

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