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River of the Outlands

Soft peak form and break against the banks, slowly making their way from the raging sea of the north to the deep waters of Lake Idryl. Shades of blue creep in and disappear, fading into a murky grey as the sun sets on the waters of one of the shortest rivers of this world. While the waters of the Gwyer only flow for a short time, they bring such good fortune for those who live along their banks.   Aelinor Elk weave their way between the Aelinor Oaks that grace the northern banks, breathing life into a river that seems little more than a path of rushing water. Parts of the Elven Forest thrive due to the waters that make their way from the northern shore along their lands, fields and hunting grounds made fertile by the flowing waters.   The Gweyr is sometimes considered one of the most lackluster rivers of the Northern Continent, having nothing that sets it apart from the others other than its length. That couldn't be farther from the truth as the Gweyr sustains life in the eastern portions of the Elven Forest, supporting the Outlanders that call the fringes home. While the magic of the forest brings some influence, it is the significance of the river to those that live near it that define it.


The Gweyr River is by far one of the shortest rivers in Isekai, only spanning a few hundred miles. While it serves as a border between the Elven Forest and the Great Plains north of Lake Idryl, this river is often considered to be an Elven river, even though people from both sides use it.   Flowing directly from the northern shore of Vóreios, the Gweyr divides the Traveler's Grass of the Great Plains from the Aelinor Oaks of the Elven Forest following a southwesterly path towards Lake Idryl. The mouth of the Gweyr is known for a number of small villages, including Merrick and Otterton.   This river is somewhat influenced by the magic that flows through

Quick Facts: Geography

Northwestern border of the Great Plains, Eastern border of the Elven Forest
Northern shore of Vóreios
Lake Idryl
the Elven Forest, but not to the extent that the Feyline and the Wilderrun are affected by magic. This normalcy has allowed the Gweyr to be easily mapped by the Unending Scroll for the purposes of ecological studies and by the Avians and other Mapmakers.   Because of the studies of the Unending Scroll, the terrain of the river, along with its flora and fauna have been highly documented. This research has allowed the Outlanders of the area serve as better stewards of the land and keep erosion of the riverbed to a minimum, even near the mouth of the river where the waves of the ocean tend to wear away much of the banks. This stewardship has helped the course of the river change very rarely over the course of millennia, allowing the most up to date maps possible.

Fauna & Flora

The flora and fauna that surround the banks of the Gweyr are similar to that found elsewhere throughout the Elven Forest and Great Plains. The southeastern bank of the river boasts large stands of Traveler's Grass while the northwestern bank is known for its towering trees and somewhat mystical animals.  
Aelinor Oak
Aelinor Oaks are some of the largest trees found in Isekai, often growing hundreds of feet tall. While they can only be found in the Elven Forest, the wood of these trees is coveted across the Northern Continent and has been known to be used as a bartering tool in some areas due to its high worth.


Flora such as moss, lichen, and fungi are common along the northwestern bank of the Gweyr, but the most common plant is by far the Aelinor Oaks. These trees grow throughout the Elven Forest with their growth spurred by the magic of the area. It is common to see the roots of these trees poke out along the banks of the river, creating seats for those that wish to enjoy nature.   Red Caps are also extremely common, serving as a ground-covering plant in many parts of the Elven Forest. The mushrooms thrive in the rich soil found in the forest, often growing along the thick root systems of the Aelinor Oaks.


Many fauna call the areas around the Gweyr home, including fish and other large wildlife. It is not uncommon to see creatures such as Aelinor Elk and Juniper Wolves coming to the waters edge in the Elven Forest to drink and bathe. These large creatures rarely deter smaller ones from enjoying the water, creating a place where a great variety of creatures meet in harmony.   The fish of the Gweyr are often rather simple, not having the more colorful Cerulean Carp and Glitter Scales that are found in the Feyline and Wilderrun. Instead, it is often possible to find Faefish swimming at the mouth of the river where it flows into Lake Idryl.
Aelinor Elk
Aelinor Elk are known for their intricate horns that often grow and twist in various patterns over the course of the creature's life. Their horns set them apart from the other animals of the Elven Forest and often grant them great reverence as an oddity of the forest.
History of Name
There is no history behind the name of the Gweyr. It was an Elven name that was given to the river in hopes that it would be set apart from the others
Alternative Name
Elven River
Location under

Natural Resources

The Gweyr provides the majority of the water used by those that live in the Outlands of the eastern part of the Elven Forest and the northwestern parts of the Great Plains. The Elves rely heavily on this river as a water source along their borders north of Lake Idryl.   While the river is accessible on both banks, it is rare to see creatures from the Great Plains utilize this as a water source. Large creatures, such as Dinosaurs, tend to steer clear of the river for reasons unknown. Smaller creatures that live within the Traveler's Grass may utilize the river, but often sparingly.

Lake Idryl

The Gweyr is often overshadowed and forgotten about as it is the shortest river in Vóreios and does not stray from its path from the sea to Lake Idryl. In many cases, people treat the Gweyr as little more than a stream that feeds into the northern shore of the lake, choosing instead to focus on how the lake sustains a great deal of life in the Elven Forest and elsewhere.  
Lake Idryl
Geographic Location | Dec 8, 2020

Lake Idryl is a landlocked lake that spans hundreds of miles in any direction.


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