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Wilderrun (Will-der-run)

River Between Planes

Crystalline water flows along a wandering path, dipping between tree roots and ferns, shifting between cerulean blue and soft pink. The cacophony of babbling and bubbling echoes amongst the stands of trees, adding to the faint sounds of music that wander throughout from the even-constant festivals thrown in the King's honor. Everything about the Fairy King's Wood is fantastical, a wonderland amongst the ordinary, but a wrong turn can lead you astray if you do not have the blood of the fey.   Here in the wood, the border between reality and the land of the fey blurs, opening and closing pathways across the two on a whim. A single misstep can have one wandering from the safety of the Fairy King's Wood into the chaos of the Wandering Forest with no knowledge of the shift. The veil between worlds here is thin, the magic of the fey bleeding into the wood and changing it, steeping the trees in magic and the water in wonder.   The Wilderrun bears the full brunt of the Ancient Fey's magic, its waters flowing in shades of cerulean and sugary pink as it moves through both the Fairy King's Wood and the Wandering Forest. Much like everything else in the wood, the river dances between reality and wonderland, ever-moving as it makes its way from the Spine of Kallex to the the southern coast where its shimmering waters empty into the cool blue of the sea.  
Vóreios is the Northern Continent of Isekai. Here, one can find temperate forests, large mountain ranges, the largest lake in the world, and a variety of other geography and races that can be found no where else.


The Wilderrun River spans hundreds of miles along vastly different territories, but few ever speak of the river without its deep ties to the Fairy King's Wood and the Wandering Forest. While serving as the eastern border of the Moorlands, to those that call that area home, the Wilderrun is seen as little more than the Fairies' river, steeped in heavy magic from the moment it flows from Lake Idryl. The Orcs and others of the Moorlands rarely, if ever, touch this water, believing it to harm them, even though they may have come from the fey.   As the waters reach the Spine of Kallex, small streams form, with some dipping deep into the earth, often flowing into Káto, while others carve deep valleys through the mountains to reach the

Quick Facts: Geography

Eastern border of the Moorlands, Eastern portion of the Fairy King's Wood
Lake Idryl
Southern shore of Vóreios
magic of the Fairy King's Wood. Once the river has reached the magic and chaos of the wood, that is when it truly becomes the Wilderrun.   As the Wilderrun enters into the Fairy King's Wood, its path is hard to follow as the river moves between the wood and the Wandering Forest, weaving effortlessly between the planes as chaos and reality meet. It is said that over the course of thousands of years, the river has changed course, adding winding curves and deep valleys that appear and are erased within days, following the whims of the magic of the Ancient Fey.  
Fairy King's Wood
Blessed by the Ancient Fey, the Fairy King's Wood is home to the Fairies as well as a number of entrances into the Wandering Forest. If one does not pay attention, it is easy to get lost amongst the magic of the fey that draws one in and rarely lets them leave.
The true geography of the river is difficult to know as its path simultaneously exists in both the Fairy King's Wood and the Wandering Forest. In this area, the veil between planes is at its thinnest, allowing the magic of the Ancient Fey to spill out and alter the world. The river moves and shifts to fit the whims of which plane it is in, often causing those that follow the river to travel between the planes as they follow a bend and then return to the wood as the river straightens its course.   All attempts to properly map the Wilderrun, much like other locations in the Fairy King's Wood, have failed due to the nature of the magic that changes the world on a whim. Even the Fairies that call the wood home rarely follow the river for more than a few minutes as following its path for too long will guarantee one's entrance into the Wandering Forest with the possibility to find oneself very lost.   The river, along with the rest of the Fairy King's Wood, is seen as an oddity in Isekai that few can understand and no one can truly know. Only the headwaters and the mouth of the river remain unmoving, as well as the small section that crosses the Moorlands. Beyond that, the river within the Fairy King's Wood is a mystery, one considered impossible to follow or attempt to solve.

Fauna & Flora

The flora and fauna that surround the river near its headwaters and towards the Spine of Kallex are very similar to those that are found near the Feyline, which marks the northern border of the Moorlands. Scholars rarely study these plants and animals as they are considered mundane, far removed from the mystical flora and fauna that define the banks of the Wilderrun in the Fairy King's Wood.  


Flora such as moss, lichen, and fungi are common along the banks of the Wilderrun, fed by the magic-infused water of the river. These plants are often nothing more than common plants found elsewhere on the Northern Continent, but the magic has changed them, granting them a new name as a new species of plant.   Larger plants such as ferns, trees, and bushes rarely grow within twenty feet of the river as the direct flow of magic tends to stunt their growth, whereas small, ground-covering plants tend to grow extremely well, locking the magic and moisture deep into the ground where it is most needed to feed the rest of the forest.   Sprite Moss is one of the more common ground-covering plants that thrive in the swamp-like moisture of the banks of the river. This moss covers fallen trees, rocks, and any open ground that it can reach, often spreading twenty or thirty feet away from the banks.   Its name stems from the small sprite-like mushrooms and blooms that grow from the moss cover, often white in color and incredibly delicate. Those that call the Fairy King's Wood home tend to pick these blooms and add them to dishes as a garnish.
Mushrooms and other fungi are other common plants that grow along the banks of the Wilderrun. The fertile soil and the constant moisture make these plants grow quickly and spread, but the magic of the water and the woods increases that growth, making the mushrooms and fungi crop up in large groups.   One of the most common types of mushrooms found near the Wilderrun is the Faerie Caps. These mushrooms are often tall and thin, with nearly transparent flesh and small caps that are reminiscent of tiny hats. These small mushrooms are favorites of many of the fauna that lives in the area and is often used in the cuisine of the Fairies.   The Faerie Caps are one of many plants in the Fairy King's Wood that were granted bioluminescence by the magic of the Ancient Fey. Shades of pinks, purples, and bright blues are common along the banks of the Wilderrun as night sets in, with the colors changing to oranges, yellows, and reds as the sun rises.   It is said that these mushrooms are known to change with the seasons and other factors, such as an influx of magic. The mushroom caps can change shape or flare depending on the whims of the forest and the wood, often choosing to seem larger on the days of important festivals.


Many fauna call the Fairy King's Wood home that are also found throughout the rest of the Northern Continent, but the fish found in the Wilderrun are rare and unique, existing no where else in the world. These fish are often extremely colorful, with fins that mimic the thin waves of river grass and other underwater plants.   The Glitter Scales are the most well-known of all creatures near the Wilderrun due to their range of colors and the size that they can grow to. It has been found that these fish can come in any color and varying shades and often grow to be nearly a foot in length.   Other fish, such as the Golden Gyde, can grow to be much bigger, nearly two feet in length, and are less varied in colors. These fish are defined by their golden hue and their translucent fins.
History of Name
Was once known as the "Wild Run" or "Wilder Run" river in reference to the chaos that surrounds the river but over time, the name simply became Wilderrun
Alternative Name
Fey River
Location under
Inhabiting Species

Localized Phenomena

Only two places on the Northern Continent are known to have this phenomena, with the Wilderrun being the most prominent example of it. Due to the amount of magic that spills from the Wandering Forest into the water, the water in the Wilderrun and Feyline are known to change colors depending on a number of factors.   Time of day, the season, or possible holidays are all factors that can cause the serene river to change from a deep cerulean blue to a shade of sugary pink, with all hues in between possible. Many researchers have said that this phenomena occurs when the river dips into the Wandering Forest, but the Fairies in the area have debunked this claim as the river was noted as turning a deep magenta color during the Gilded Moon.  
Varied Color
The magic spilling from the Wandering Forest into the Fairy King's Wood has been known to cause a great deal of odd and wondrous phenomena, but none more interesting that the changing colors of the Wilderrun and Feyline as they flow through the chaotic magic of both the Wandering Forest and the Fairy King's Wood.

Natural Resources

The Wilderrun provides the majority of the water used by those that call the eastern portions of the Fairy King's Wood home. While this water is safe to drink, it does have some rather mystical properties that may cause issues in those that are not of a fey ancestry, depending on a number of factors. It has been determined by Scholars at the Unending Scroll and corroborated somewhat by research done at the Starlit Tower that when the water is cerulean or a deep shade of blue, it will cause no harm to any that drink it. At other times, especially when the water is pinker in color, it has been determined that this water is only safe to those that are descendants of the Ancient Fey in some way as this water has magical properties from the Wandering Forest.   The river supplies a great deal of water to the various plants and animals that live along the banks, causing these creatures and plants to change slightly with the influx of magical energy. It is said that anything that is fed by the Wilderrun will be granted special magic powers or properties that can only be found in the Fairy King's Wood. Even plants and animals that are native to the Wandering Forest differ greatly from those that live along the banks of the Wilderrun.

Fruits of the River

The flora and fauna surrounding the Wilderrun are often odd and unique, but none as much so as the Pome Fungi. Many of the ground-covering plants and the mushrooms are consumed as part of the normal diet of the area for both animals and Fairies, but the Pome Fungi holds a special place as being one of the only fungi near the Wilderrun that is also considered a fruit.   The Pome Fungi is considered a hybrid between a mushroom and a pomegranate, created strictly by the magical influence from the Wandering Forest. While the stem is fleshy and more like a mushroom, the cap is similar to a pomegranate, holding juicy seeds that are good to eat.   This magical fungus is a rather recent development in the flora surrounding the Wilderrun. The first sightings of this fungi were noted during the later years of the Eldritch War, so it is unknown if the influx of magical energy and the changes that Isekai went through had some influence on the appearance of this mushroom.  
Pome Fungi
Pome Fungi are an oddity, even amongst the flora of the Fairy King's Wood and the Wandering Forest. These mushrooms are both fungi and fruit, bearing juicy seeds that are sweet to eat.


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