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Veins of the North

Rivers of the Northern Continent

Etched across the landscape in deep valleys and canyons, laid along the land like ribbons scattered by hand, flowing to and from the lake at the heart of the continent, the Veins of the North provide sustenance and travel across the vast lands of Vóreios. These rivers give life to everything, from the flora and fauna to the peoples that call this land home. Without the rivers, so much of the land would be impossible to traverse, lost to an unforgiving world.   The Veins of the North are the collective name for the rivers of the Northern Continent. Often named by the peoples whose land these waterways cross, rivers are the lifeblood of the land, serving as routes of trade, water sources, and as a flow of magic in some places. A river will often keep its name for its length, or until a fork defines a two new rivers and with it, new names.  
Vóreios is the Northern Continent of Isekai. Here, one can find temperate forests, large mountain ranges, the largest lake in the world, and a variety of other geography and races that can be found no where else.


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12 May, 2022 14:43

I love the names of the different rivers. I'm looking forward to reading more about each of them! :) I think the Saltpeter is my favourite.

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