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Mining Town of the Dwarven Kingdom

In the shadow of a mountain, a village breathes deep with every movement, bellows and forges inhaling and exhaling as the Dwarves of this place work the tools of their trade. Nothing ever sleeps here, the constant in and out a sign that all is well and that the town will remain against sometimes uncertain odds. Tucked so close to the Great Tunnel on the northern edge of the Great Furnaces, nothing is ever set in stone.   Most cities of the Dwarven Kingdom are tucked in caverns and tunnels beneath the rising peaks of the Great Furnaces but Tholladur perches on the surface, hidden between two worlds of the underground. From this city on the mountain, one can easily travel into Káto to retrieve the rare metals that are found their or trade with the Gem Dwarves and the Silver Elves. This access is why the Dwarves of Tholladur never stop, their town full of lit forges and the clanging of metal on an anvil.   Very few that live in this productive town do not work with the metal that is the lifeblood of the Bronzemantle Clan and the others that live here. Everyone has a part in the smithing and mining of metals and rarities that will eventually be sent elsewhere within the Dwarven Kingdom. The population may be small, but the products of their labors are far greater than many would believe.  
Great Furnaces
The Great Furnaces are home to the Dwarven Kingdom, a kingdom that prefers winding tunnels and large caverns to the openness of the surface. Most cities of the Dwarven Kingdom are beneath the peaks of the mountains, but a few can be found at the bases of the mountains or hidden within the Timbers of the Furnace.


Tholladur is a town of Dwarves, all with some hand in the mining and smithing that keeps the town running. Some are metalsmiths that practice Metallurgy while others are blacksmiths and miners. Few in the Bronzemantle Clan fall outside of these professions, serving Tholladur as clerics, innkeepers, alchemists, and other helpful and necessary professionals.

Industry & Trade

As a large majority of residents participate in the smithing and mining trades, much of the town's industry is centered around those trades and exporting various items, such as weapons and armor, across Vóreios, specifically to other areas of the Dwarven Kingdom and Káto. The town's easy access to trading centers in Káto allows for the importation of specialty and rare metals which are then shared with the rest of the Kingdom. In many instances, these imports must be refined partially before being shared throughout the Kingdom as they come to Tholladur in a rather raw and rough state.
Founding Date
257 IM
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Tholladur was founded by the Bronzemantle Clan to serve as a settlement to facilitate trade between the trading centers of Káto and those of the Dwarven Kingdom. Originally tasked by the Dwarven King to establish a small trading post, the clan has slowly grown the town to also serve as home to a variety of tradesmen that were well-versed in the skills of mining, smithing, and Metallurgy. From a settlement with a population of only 20, the town has grown considerably and has become a great asset for the Dwarven Kingdom.  


Tholladur stands at the base of the Great Furnaces near the northern end of the range, within miles of the eastern entrance of the Great Tunnel. The rough terrain around the town makes it difficult to traverse, but sections of the area have been worked to create paths that are meant to mimic those of the Old Dwarven Road. These paths lead in the four cardinal directions, north to the Cradle of Clay, east into the Great Furnaces and the Dwarven Kingdom, south along the mountains through the Timbers of the Furnace, and west into Káto and the Great Tunnel.


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