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Dragon's Peak

Northern End of the Spine

Most believe that the Spine of Kallex ends at the northern point of the "Metallic Council", but this is far from the truth. The mountains stretch further north, into the frozen reaches of the Neither Tundra to the northern shores of Vóreios and the trecherous cliffs known as the Teeth of the North. In this frozen wasteland, one peak reaches above the others, drawing the attention of mountaineers and travellers alike, as long as one wishes to enter Giant territory for a thrill.  
Few enter the home of the Giants but to finish the saga of the Spikes of Kallex, one must endure that fear for the full impact of the thrill.
— Unknown
  One of the shortest Spikes of Kallex, Dragon's Peak is rather unremarkable, often buried in deep snows throughout the year. It blends into the landscape, nothing more than a white peak against a background of white tundra, but this simple peak marks the end of the mountains, the transition into the shores and cliffs that sailors dread. Very little lives near the mountain and very little happens here, but it is an important landmark nonetheless.   It is said that Dragon's Peak got its name because only the Giants and the Dragons dare live here, and even the Giants known better than to ascend to the heights of Dragons. Until Traenas Elrel mapped its height, this peak was nothing more than a simple marker, but now mountaineers and travellers flock to it, hailing it as one of the most interesting climbs of the Spikes of Kallex.  
Dragon's Peak
Dragon's Peak is one of the Spikes of Kallex at the northern most end of the Spine of Kallex. This mountain denotes where the land begins to give way to the Teeth of the North and dangerous terrain for boats along the northern shore of Vóreios.


The Spine of Kallex is known across the Northern Continent for its varied and amazing geography. The range is home to the highest peaks on the continent of Vóreios, beautiful canyons carved by two major rivers that cut across the range in the northern and southern portions, and endless valleys that stretch between the reaching peaks. These features often span miles, giving the range a larger than life look that is often associated with the Dragon god Kallex. Dragon's Peak, considered one of the Spikes of Kallex, marks the northernmost end of the Spine of Kallex and the land's transition into the sea.   Dragon's Peak is located where the Spine of Kallex meets the northern shore of Vóreios. This peak ascends to just over 15,000 feet, making it one of the shortest Spikes of Kallex. Because of its location in the Neither Tundra, the peak is snow capped most of the year.

Fauna & Flora

Dragon Pines
Dragon Pines grow in the inhospitable areas of the Spine of Kallex, often making the mountains seem less dangerous as the stands of trees in the area and the thick fog hides the jagged cliffs and deep valleys.
Lower elevations of Dragon's Peak are home to a variety of flora and fauna that are common elsewhere in the Spine of Kallex. The colder temperatures of the Neither Tundra do not allow for some of the more vibrant flora and fauna, but most are suited to the harsh climate. As elevations reach the colder points of the peak, many flora and fauna thin, leaving only a few different varieties. Any elevations above the cloud cover are assumed to be landing spaces for the Metallic Dragons and very few dare enter this space.   Closer to the base of the mountain, one may find wild game roaming the freezing tundra or along the edges of the Teeth of the North. Much of the game found in this area is not seen above 6000 feet in elevation due to the climate as well as many Giants that choose to make their homes above 7000 feet. Above this point, fauna is rather limited.   The most common flora found in this area is the Dragon Pines as these trees can withstand the harsh conditions found in the Spine of Kallex as well as the abuse that the Giants often inflict on their environment. The trees' natural defenses allow them to survive in a climate where almost nothing else can.
Mountain / Hill
Location under
15,259 ft


Dragon's Peak may be rather unremarkable to most, but it does define the beginnings of two very important geographical features in Vóreios. The peak's ties to the Spine of Kallex are well-known, but many do not know that the mountain is relatively close to the Teeth of the North as well.  

Spine of Kallex

Spine of Kallex
Geographic Location | Dec 8, 2020

The longest mountain range in the world that extends from the northeastern shores of the Neither Tundra, through the Elven Forest, the Fairy King's Wood and down to the southern shore where it passes through the Little Greenwood.


Teeth of the North

Teeth of the North
Geographic Location | Jul 20, 2022

The Teeth of the North mark the jagged northern shore of Vóreios, a place that many sailors steer clear of due to the inherent danger of the area.



Few people inhabit the areas around Dragon's Peak as the harsh conditions of the Neither Tundra drive most away. Only the Giants live in such a place, often destorying what little flora and fauna that can survive in such conditions on the mountain.  


Species | Nov 15, 2020

Giants are a descendant of the Ancient Fey that adopted immense stature and physical power in their physique before settling on the material realm of Isekai, it is said that they are charged with the eternal pursuit of power and stature.


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