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Spikes of Kallex

Tallest of the Spine of Kallex

Above the many jagged peaks of the Spine of Kallex raise those that are considered pantheons among the mountains that flow across the Northern Continent, much like the spine of a giant beast, a Dragon of immense size. These peaks that reach heights where only the Dragons fly are spoken of as the spines on the Dragon God's back, monuments to those that follow him and his will.   The Barbarians of the Spine once spoke of these monolithic peaks as the spikes on Kallex's back only amongst themselves, but the name, Spikes of Kallex, became a thing of its own, becoming the universally known title for the tallest peaks in the Spine. Even though the reaching peaks found a name, it would still be centuries before anyone dared to travel where only the Dragons did.   Traenas Elrel was the first, aspiring to climb the ten peaks of the Spikes of Kallex. Before his endeavor, only one was named, bearing the name of the great Mithril Dragons. After the grand endeavor of Traenas Elrel, others began the trek and climb, eventually naming the other nine peaks that reached to the heavens.


    The geography of the Spine of Kallex is relatively similar from the northern part in the Neither Tundra to the southern part that ends on the coast of the Fairy King's Wood. This range is known for jagged cliffs, deep valleys, and sheer drops, all things that make the Spine an extremely dangerous place to traverse.   The Spikes of Kallex are no different, often boasting more jagged terrain as the elevation increases above the alpine zone and the temperatures get colder. It is often believed that any peak above 14,000 feet in elevation should not be traversed by anyone other than the Dragons due to the inhospitable conditions, but a large majority of the Spine has an elevation above that.   This difficult geography has done little to hinder those that wish to live here, including Giant Goats and Giant Alpaca, as well as the Barbarians that call many of these peaks home. Difficult terrain is seen as less of a hindrance and more of an asset to those that wish to live quiet and uninterrupted lives. These peoples have also built a variety of trails in these areas that do aid in reaching the summits of the Spines to an extent, but it is still a difficult climb nonetheless.


After the famous climb of Traenas Elrel, geologists, climbers, and others have flocked to the Spine in order to test themselves against the dangerous Spikes of Kallex. This has become so prevalent, that the various Barbarians of the tallest peaks have taken to selling souvenirs and other trinkets from the mountain to represent the travelers' attempts. It is said that if one completes all ten of the Spikes that there is a grand prize, but no one has completed the journey since Traenas Elrel.


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