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Kallex's Tooth

Entrance to the "Metallic Council"

The northern end of the Spine of Kallex is defined by the "Metallic Council" and the Eye of Kallex, but one mountain reaches above all others, marking the place where the mountains diverge around the verdant valley. One of the Spikes of Kallex, Kallex's Tooth is one of the most notable mountains in the northern range. Along its base, one can find the entrance to the home of the Council of Metallic Dragons, if one only knows the secret.  
So close to the Dragons we make our permanent home because their visage brings us luck in our travels.
— A Llanowen
  Other than its height, nothing stands out about this somewhat unremarkable mountain. It blends in with the landscapes of the Spine, only serving as a landmark for those that know the area well. For the Llanowen Clan and the Council of Metallic Dragons, the spire of Kallex's Tooth is an important mark of their home, but for others, it is nothing more than an aspiring mountain.   It is said that on some clear evenings, the peak of Kallex's Tooth is the best place to view the phenomenon known as the Scales of Kallex. The magic of the "Metallic Council" converges, joining the waves of shimmering light in the sky above this peak. Very few have ever witnessed this phenomenon but the Metallic Dragons write about this frequently in their records. Other mentions of the Scales of Kallex over Kallex's Tooth can be found in the Yllvalion Codex.  
Kallex's Tooth
Kallex's Tooth is one of the Spikes of Kallex in the northern end of the Spine of Kallex. The valleys around its base hide the homes of many peoples and the entrance to the home of the Metallic Dragons. Only those deemed worthy by the Metallic Dragons may find the entrance to their sanctuary. Very few have ever entered through the entrance beneath Kallex's Tooth.


The Spine of Kallex is known across the Northern Continent for its varied and amazing geography. The range is home to the highest peaks on the continent of Vóreios, beautiful canyons carved by two major rivers that cut across the range in the northern and southern portions, and endless valleys that stretch between the reaching peaks. These features often span miles, giving the range a larger than life look that is often associated with the Dragon god Kallex. Kallex's Tooth, considered one of the Spikes of Kallex, is the mountain that marks the entrance to the valley known as the "Metallic Council".   Kallex's Tooth is located exactly where the Spine of Kallex splits around the "Metallic Council". This peak ascends above the others that surround it, reaching an elevation of nearly 15,500 feet. Other than its height and distinct location, Kallex's Tooth looks very similar to the other mountains in the range.

Fauna & Flora

Dragon Pines
Dragon Pines grow in the inhospitable areas of the Spine of Kallex, often making the mountains seem less dangerous as the stands of trees in the area and the thick fog hides the jagged cliffs and deep valleys.
Lower elevations of Kallex's Tooth are home to a variety of flora and fauna that are common elsewhere in the Spine of Kallex and the Elven Forest. As eleveations reach the colder points of the peak, many flora and fauna thin, leaving only a few different varieties. Any elevations above the cloud cover are assumed to be landing spaces for the Metallic Dragons and very few dare enter this space.   Closer to the base of the mountain, it is common to find Aelinor Elk roaming the grasslands and thinner forests here, although they do tend to stay in lower elevations in the valleys that often turn to meadows. Rarely, one may see an Aelinor Elk at elevations above 8000 feet in this area, but often times they tend to stay below 7000 feet.   In the lower valleys, one may find a few sparse Aelinor Oaks but the large majority of the forest covering the mountain is made up of Dragon Pines. These trees are much hardier and can often withstand the harsh conditions and the possible Dragon landing.   Wolves and other animals found elsewhere are common in the lower elevations of Kallex's Tooth, but creatures such as Giant Alpaca and Giant Goats that can
handle the colder temperatures thrive in the higher elevations where the Llanowen Clan keeps their herds. These creatures roam amongst the Dragon Pines, but below where the cloud line is.
Mountain / Hill
Location under
15,485 ft.


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