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Mithril Major

Heart of Blazing Mithril

As day turns to night and the darkened sky alights with the twinkling of stars and the magical particles of the Scales of the Dragon Gods, two stars above the glowing Mithril Peak draw ones attention, marking the constellation known as Blazing Mithril. These two shining lights serve as the Dragon's eye and heart, but it is the star that is the heart that glows with the light of a thousand suns or the glimmer of Dragon Scales. Above Mithril Peak, Mithril Major is the center of the sky.   Blazing Mithril is steeped in myths and legends, the constellation being the supposed end of a Mithril Dragon in his twilight years. As astronomers mapped the beautiful end of this Dragon, it only made sense to name the star that shone the brightest and served as the Dragon's heart Mithril Major. It is a name that help defined the other stars that make up the system.   Even as other stars in the sky shift positions, Mithril Major will always be found directly above Mithril Peak, marking the center of the unmoving Blazing Mithril. The night sky changes throughout the year, moving through magic and with the winds, but the final resting place of that Mithril Dragon never wavers.
Alternative Name(s)
Great Dragon
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