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Mithril Dragons

Divine Dragons

Wings beat against an azure sky, scenes of reaching mountain peaks and green rolling plains passing by with each powerful beat. Shining scales blind those below, the shimmering color the glaring color of the noonday sun. These are the most magnificent of creatures, their flight inspiring awe in those that are blessed with such a sight. The striking wings and long tails are definitive traits that prove the power of these massive creatures, marking them as one of the Divine Races.   Mithril Dragons are one of the most magnificent of all Dragons, their scales seemingly shining with holy light. Created by Kallex as one of the Divine Races, these Dragons live lengthy lives, although they are still mortal. The shimmering personification of the precious metal Mithril are often called divine due to their ability to soar between the planes with nothing more than the powerful beat of their wings. This was only one blessing the Dragon God Kallex granted to them, but this set them apart from the other Dragons that own the skies.   Currently, these Dragons live throughout the world and the home of Kallex known as the Eternal Peaks. Being able to shift between planes often keeps Mithril Dragons out of territorial disputes and allows more space for their Metallic brethren to build their hoards and live peacefully away from the Chromatic Dragons. Those Mithril Dragons that prefer the material plane tend to keep their homes near to the "Metallic Council" as historically, these Dragons are the keepers of the valley and the secrets that lay within.

Basic Information


All Dragons share anatomical traits such as long tails, large wings, four legs, hard scales, and sharp claws. From there, various anatomical traits vary due to the coloration and abilities of the various colors of Dragons. Traits such as head shape, horns, scale patterns, and internal organs can all vary based on a Dragon's color.   Mithril Dragons are known for a series of horns that range in size from smaller spikes near the jawline to defined horns on the ridges above their eyes. Ancient Mithril Dragons can also have horn-like appendages that have grown from their head and draped down their neck and back. Sharp, pointed scacles as well as spikes define the neck and back of these Dragons.   Common Colorations

Common Colorations

Mithril Dragons come in many shades of Mithril, from the raw ore that can often be silver, to the more purified state of stark white. Metallic Dragons have a much smaller range in their coloration than Chromatic Dragons as Metallic Dragons were created from the metal they were named after. The color of their eyes has a much smaller range, often only being yellow, brown, red, green, grey, or purple.  

Scale Colors


Eye Colors


Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

As children of Kallex, all Metallic Dragons are blessed with special abilities, some that all share while others set them apart from their brethren. These Dragons can see through all darkness, even darkness that has been created magically. As the apex predator, they also have superior senses that allow them to hunt and take whatever it is they wish. Beyond these traits, each color of Metallic Dragon has a number of special traits that are considered blessings.   Mithril Dragons are most commonly known for their ability to traverse between planes on a whim, soaring across boundaries with a beat of their wings. Along with this ability often comes the possibility of perceiving the future, allowing them to plan centuries in advance of difficult events. These Dragons are often thought of to be "enlightened" as their senses heighten their perception and feed into their foresight.

Civilization and Culture


Mithril Dragon Egg
It is believed that the molten balls of ore that Kallex hurled to the surface of Isekai to create the Metallic Dragons were nothing more than barely shaped lumps, but this is far from the truth. Bathed in the Dragon God's fire, the ores turned into beautiful eggs that were breathtaking gemstones.   Mithril Dragons are hailed as having the most beautiful egg, the molten white or blue glass core surrounded by delicate renditions of the scales that normally cover the Dragon's neck.
The twelve colors of Metallic Dragons were created together, Kallex choosing to shape them from the metals of the land after witnessing Sotark and Ivala shape the Sphinxes and watching the fledgling creatures roam the land. The Sphinxes lacked spine and motivation, so under the fiery breath of the Dragon God, twelve eggs of metal ores were shaped and cast down to the land of Isekai where they would rest in a valley until they hatched.   This valley would become known as the "Metallic Council" and its inhabitants would soon become symbols of power and majesty to the peoples that came after them, but the fledgling Dragons craved a leader, one that would be as just and fair as the deity that had created them. Each voice wished to be heard, but someone was needed to direct and designate, allowing for all wishes. As the Dragons grew and their blessings manifested, a leader would arise on their own, serving as the voice of Kallex in the material plane.   Shifting between planes at will gave the earliest Mithril Dragon access to Kallex that the others did not have. While Kallex was not a particularly hands-off deity, he chose when to visit his children wisely, allowing them to learn and grow on their own, developing the relationships that would allow their race to be successful amongst the other Divine Races. The Divine Races were immortal, except the Metallic Dragons could die. With that reality, they chose to find power and knowledge in life, led by the Mithril Dragon that had set herself apart.   Historically, a Mithril Dragon has always led the Council of Metallic Dragons as their blessings allowed them enlightenment far beyond what the others could find. Conversing with Kallex allowed the Mithril Dragons to set the council on the correct and fair path, not falling to the cruelty that the Chromatic Dragons often resorted to. Foresight allowed peeks into the future that could guide the council, even once the Silence of the Gods removed most of their connections to the other deities.
Mithril Dragon
Mithril Dragons are often called Divine Dragons due to their ability to travel between planes of existence without the use of gateways or other devices. These Dragons often spend their time traveling between The Eternal Peaks and the mortal realm as the fancy strikes.
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Divine Races

Social Structure

Metallic Dragons are far different than their Chromatic brethren in terms of their social structure. These Dragons are the more social of the two groups, caring little about the color of their scales and mingling, often living close together. Various colors of Metallic Dragons will become friends and share their fledgling years together after hatching in the "Metallic Council". Dragon eggs of the Metallic Dragons are rarely raised by one color, instead being raised by a collective of Metallic Dragons that call the valley home.   While a well-structured group, the Council of Metallic Dragons serves multiple purposes. Mainly, the council makes decisions for the whole of Metallic Dragons, creating laws and guidelines that allow them to live peacefully with other races. The council also serves as a place for camaraderie, where all colors can join together for business and pleasure, enjoying the company of old friends and new.   Because of the social nature of these Dragons, it is more common to find Metallic Dragons visiting and mingling with the Elder Races when possible. Mithril Dragons are often the rarest to see outside of the "Metallic Council" as it often falls to them to protect and watch over the valley as well as the hatchlings. Being visited by a Mithril Dragon is seen as the highest of blessings as most races see these Dragons as the voice of Kallex.


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