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Giant Goats

Goats of the Spine

High above where most animals roam in the cold, hooved footprints decorate ledges and paths, crossing the snow-covered peaks as they follow the seasons. Large, deep tracks mingle with dainty hoof prints that denote younglings and babies kept close by the roaming herd. These creatures' safety comes in numbers, but few would wish to be on the wrong side of the horns and hooves that give these creatures so much power in the Spine.   Giant Goats have become more common in recent years, their herds growing under the protection and domestication of the Barbarians. From small herds or singular creatures that perched on narrow ledges, these goats have grown to herds of fifty or more, their purpose expanding as the Barbarians attempt to make life better in the desolate landscape of these mountains. Here in the Spine of Kallex, herds of Giant Goats and Giant Alpacas are inseparable, the horns of the goats protecting the alpaca from any predator that dared attack.   Originally, the Giant Goats were the first creatures to be domesticated somewhat by the Barbarians. Their wool and meat were necessary for survival in the cold mountains, but the Barbarians did not believe in keeping them in enclosures. Through a great deal of work, free-roaming herds were formed that could easily be culled and grown as the seasons allowed. Eventually, the goats would become caretakers of the Giant Alpacas as their horns allowed them safety without the need for shepherds.  

Basic Information

Giant Goat Herd
Herds of Giant Goats were created as an easy way to keep an eye on the flock but eventually these herds would also serve as protection for the Giant Alpacas the Barbarians kept.


Giant Goats are large creatures that can stand up to six feet tall at the withers and can reach up to eight feet in length. Even being large creatures, the males can reach up to five hundred pounds while the females are often only three hundred pounds. Their size makes them one of the largest creatures in the Spine of Kallex and useful as mounts for traversing narrow and steep mountain paths.   These animals have thick, wooly double coats of fine, dense wool in the undercoat and an outer layer of longer, hollow hairs that keep them warm in extremely cold climates. Giant Goats can withstand temperatures as low as minus fifty degrees and winds of up to nearly one hundred miles per hour.   Both males and females have prominent horns that can reach nearly two feet in length depending on age. Older goats will have horns that begin to spiral near their heads, but this allows for great force when head-butting each other or predators.  

Ecology and Habitats

These creatures can be found in the highest elevations of the Spine of Kallex, often above where most other animals live. Mountainside cliffs are common places to find Giant Goats as they are incredibly sure-footed and can climb near vertical surfaces if they can find even the smallest ledge.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Giant Goats were originally domesticated to serve as a constant source of meat, wool, and milk to the Barbarians of the Spine of Kallex, but over time, their purpose and uses would expand as the Barbarians moved throughout the mountains. These creatures would also come to serve as mounts and trusted companions for those that traveled throughout the Spine or off the beaten path as their sure-footing often allowed greater safety during travel.   Due to their horns, the goats were rarely bothered by predators, allowing for them to serve as protectors for the Giant Alpacas that lacked any real defenses. It did not take long for the Barbarians to integrate these two herds as they free-roamed the Spine. This allowed for better quality in the items from both animals as the safety led to prosperity.
Giant Goat
Giant Goats were the first animals domesticated by the Barbarians of the Spine of Kallex. These animals were often used as a food source and their wool could be used for warmth.
14 to 20 years
Average Height
4 feet to 6 feet at the withers
Average Weight
350 lbs to 500 lbs
Average Length
4 ft 6 in to 8 ft
Geographic Distribution
Related Ethnicities

Trusted Companions

Most Barbarians of the Spine prefer to use Giant Goats as mounts instead of the Aelinor Elk that are popular in the Elven Forest because the Giant Goats are often better at traversing the rough terrain that can be found in the mountains. Their double coat also allows them to survive the conditions and long trips through the Spine without issue.   In many cases, these creatures become trusted companions of the Barbarians and are considered family in many cases.


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Oct 2, 2023 19:02 by Melissa

I love your take on Mountain Goats! It's awesome that they can be useful as both mounts and protectors for the Alpacas. They're definitely a great animal to have around. :)

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