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Dragon's Claw

First to be Summited

Looking north from this peak, the Spine of Kallex stretches in front of you, the shining glow of Mithril Peak marking the direction further northward to the valley of the Metallic Dragons and beyond. From this point, it is impossible not to see everything, the span of the mountains to the north, the sea to the south, the Elven Forest to the east and west, bounded by the sea on the west and the Great Plains on the east. It is here that someone can fall in love with the beauty of the world, where one man did fall in love and began mapping the harsh elevations of the Spine of Kallex.   Dragon's Claw was the first mountain that Traenas Elrel attempted to climb that would eventually become known as one of the Spikes of Kallex. As a young man, he practice mountaineering on the smaller mountains on the edge of the Spine, but one of his earliest attempts of the taller mountains was one towards the southern end of the range where the mountains had moved into the territories of the Halflings and Fairies.   Due to its jagged shape, Elrel named the mountain Dragon's Claw as he felt its name was reminiscent of what the Spine stood for. The beauty he beheld as the sun set across the world from the peak of that mountain inspired him to climb the tallest that the Spine of Kallex had to offer, eventually naming them the Spikes of Kallex. His climbs would inspire others, allowing the range to be mapped properly for the first time, without the aid of those on wing. This single climb was revolutionary and inspired a new generation of mountaineers.  
Dragon's Claw
Dragon's Claw is one of the shorter mountains in the Spikes of Kallex, but the first documented climb of this mountain led to a revolution in mountaineering and mapmaking in the area. Traenas Elrel and his climb of Dragon's Claw is considered the birth of mountaineering in the Spine of Kallex as most believed it was impossible to climb those dangerous mountains.


The Spine of Kallex is known across the Northern Continent for its varied and amazing geography. The range is home to the highest peaks on the continent of Vóreios, beautiful canyons carved by two major rivers that cut across the ranger in the northern and southern portions, and endless valleys that stretch between the reaching peaks. These features often span miles, giving the range a larger than life look that is often associated with the Dragon god Kallex. The Dragon's Claw is the most southward of all of the Spikes of Kallex, but is by far the most important in recent history of the Spine.   Dragon's Claw is located roughly two hundred miles north of the southern end of the Spine of Kallex. Here, the mountains slowly shrink in elevation as the range makes its way to the southern sea, causing the Dragon's Claw to ascend far above those around it. The mountain is one of the shortest of the Spikes of Kallex and is considered a good "starter" mountain for beginner mountaineers due to its location.

Fauna & Flora

The common flora and fauna in this area of the Spine of Kallex begin to change and become the less harsh and dangerous plants and animals of the Fairy King's Wood and the Little Greenwood. Stout and hardy trees can be found on one side of the mountain while the other is adorned with fauna that glows with the magic of the Fairy Kingdom.   In the higher elevations, Dragon Pines are still common on Dragon's Claw because very few things can live in the alpine zone. These trees can be seen scattered at elevations above 5000 feet, sometimes mixing with the more magical flora of the lower elevations. The fauna of the area, fey and other small creatures have become accustomed to the Dragon Pines, so it is not uncommon to see small owls or other creatures making their homes in or around these trees that are avoided in other parts of the Spine.
Mountain / Hill
Location under
15,268 ft.


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