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Fairy Kingdom

Kingdom of the Fairy King's Wood

The Fairy Kingdom is a grand forest, geographically the area is called the Fairy King's Wood. This is a large deciduous forest that covers thousands of miles and a good bit of coastal territory and a portion of the Spine of Kallex. All things that live here are the subjects of a grand ruler, a third generation from the original Ancient Fey, the king Festival Snix is a being that is considered a demi-god, especially within his own borders. He welcomes most travelers openly, as long as they are willing to attend one of his parties. All persons that pass into the lands of Festival are given an invitation by the border guard that details a deadline to have an audience with the King at his daily party. The penalty for this is usually a creative, magical revocation of any progress made by the traveler.   This area is ruled by an immortal monarch who is nearly an Ancient Fey, though instead of departing to the realm of the Wandering Forest, he has chosen to stake out a kingdom in the mortal realm. He is known to be benevolent and merciful, in the same breath he is said to be cold and calculating. In an altogether alien way, Festival seems to rule on a whim but his plans are often complex, spanning centuries in a way that makes the longest-lived Dragons take notice when he commits to a task. Despite his fickle nature and unpredictability, he swears a deep vow to dispense vengeance on those that violate his law and harm his subjects.   The Fairy King's Wood is a route commonly used between the Little Greenwood and the Elven Forest. Magical trade and exotic plant products come from this area, it is also the place with the most plentiful Arcane Steel in the world. A law here grants Witch covens aligned with the goddess Libra complete protection from outsiders, which allows the region to export a number of potions and remedies that are uncommon in other areas. Due to the nature of the Wandering Forest, trade routes can be established quite quickly that cut weeks off a journey along the King's Road. The difficulties are presented for those that stray from the King's Road as they often find themselves hopelessly lost without hope of finding their way out ever again.   Elves, Dragons, Humans, Dwarves, Halflings, and many others are common sights to see passing through this area. Though at the request of the King, Dragons do not fly through this area without following the strict path of the King's Road. Due to coastal areas, there are a number of water-dwelling species that often make their way inland to trade or visit residents of the kingdom. The Fairy King's Wood is known to have the most hospitable coastal towns, despite being on the side of sheer cliffs.  

Demographics & Territory

The population of the Fairy King's Wood is highly diverse but the largest part of the population is composed of Fairies at 50%. Elves have a sizeable presence here at 15%, with Avians being the third largest presence at 10%. A variety of other Animal Kingdom species can be found here representing another 12% of the population. Humans and those of mixed Human descent make up 7% of the population. Dwarves make up 5% of the population. The remaining 8% has been hard for outside sources to quantify adequately though it seems to be made of various creatures of magical origin, those of Fae descent, and Dragons.   The Fairy Kingdom is part of a large, continuing series of forests on the Northern Continent that is said to be the first place that Libra visited and where Lycana created the Ancient Fey. The borders are defined by geographical landmarks. The northern half of the country is framed by the Spine of Kallex, the Feyline River

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which also marks the western border. The southern border is a series of harsh, steep cliffs along the sea that house many pulley systems and cliffside inns. The western border is the Wilderrun River. This land is thicky forested, in some instances creating a thick canopy that casts the land into a glow of bright green on summer days. There are no divisions of territory in this land, it is ruled directly by the monarch who lets the people organize small communities as they see fit.   There is no formal gathering of taxes or compulsion of labor to create a standing military. Many of the residents of this kingdom simply have to comply with laws that carry heavy enforcements that are often carried out instantaneously. These are known as Geas, some of them enforce order while others grant protection and they are a key factor of citizenship under the Fairy King.  
Fairy King's Insignia
Fairy King's Insignia by Crest via Armoria, created by RiverFang
The symbol of Festival Snix is two flowers, one over the other that appear to be touching at the ends of their petals. This seal is meant to represent a flower that is reflected atop still water to show the dual nature of the world that Isekai truly is. This also conveys the duty of the Fairy King to act as a gateway between the mortal realm and the more dangerous realm that the Ancient Fey have created for themselves, the Wandering Forest.   This insignia makes an appearance on official documents and as body art for many of those that are in the King's Court. Otherwise, it is muted in artwork in favor of floral artwork and religious symbols for the favored gods of the region.


The military in the Fairy Kingdom is completely voluntary and consists of only two main areas that fall under the direct control of the King with a heavy emphasis on magic. These two divisions are called the King's Court and the Border Guard.   They are small organizations empowered by the magic of the King to enact his will. The Border Guard deals with Geas and the handling of entries and exits for travelers into the kingdom. They specialize in barrier magic and are often Fairies. The King's Court act as ambassadors and envoys to other kingdoms, often traveling to different regions of the kingdom if the King is otherwise preoccupied. They are often comprised of Witches or Warlocks that are imbued with the King's power to amplify their magic and grant them high levels of authority.   There are no standard Soldiers or law enforcement in the land, instead Festival opts for empowering members of his court to enforce laws on his behalf as they travel about the kingdom and check in with how individual communities are doing. Small communities might identify Warriors or guards for themselves in order to deal with monsters or dangerous creatures but the enforcement from the monarchy is usually magical in nature.  

Foreign Relations

The Fairy Kingdom is highly active on the international diplomatic scene with ties on land and below the waves. The tensest and most haphazard relation this kingdom has is with the various Ancient Fey whose realms have paths connecting them to the Fairy King's Wood. There are a total of five Ancient Fey that have well-known paths to the mortal realm that borders on this land, these entrances are managed by the Fairy King's Wood which often leads to disputes over fey creatures that need to be returned to the Wandering Forest or Festival petitioning for the less directionally inclined of his subjects to be returned to the mortal realm.   The Fairy King's Wood acts as a dam in this case, keeping many of the more chaotic and fantastical things from the Wandering Forest from simply strolling into the mortal realm to cause havoc.   The Fairy Kingdom has representatives in every country, both below the waves and on dry land. Even a few of the nearby Silver Elf cities underground have representatives that have been received quite well. Festival generally establishes ties dealing with diplomacy, knowledge of magic, and the aptitude for potions and poisons that the Witch covens in his Kingdom are known for.   Abroad, the Fairy King's diplomats are received well in most circumstances. The Kingdom is old and Festival is known to be a powerful entity, association or favor with the Fairy Kingdom is often seen more as a sign of status. Those that have ill relations would likely be seen as untrustworthy or as a country that others need to avoid. The strongest ties this kingdom has been with their close neighbor Elven Kingdom and with the Great Coral. The Fairy Kingdom is often consulted by these close friends on matters of diplomacy, history, or magical knowledge.   Outside of immediate neighbors, the strongest ties of the kingdom are the Sunset Fields, and historically Heaven's Landing was also a strong political connection. Despite not having a physical building that serves as an international academy of magic, the Fairy King has a well-established seat on the High Council of the Arcane. This seat is due in part to Festival's
god-like ability as an Ancient Fey and partly due to the level of competency that he is able to train his court. Mages from the Fairy Kingdom have a reputation for being some of the most dangerous combat Mages in the modern world due to their training in high-stakes situations, necessitating quick judgment and employment of a variety of approaches in an arcane application.  

Government Bodies

There are three levels of government in the Fairy Kingdom, they are tiered from lowest to highest:  

Community Leadership

Often taking the form of townships, citizens within the Fairy Kingdom are free to rule themselves as they please with oversight from the monarchy for laws that span the entire kingdom. Communities will often rely upon an elder, a powerful magic user, or a family in a given area to provide them with leadership and organization that allows them to organize against the routine of life in the forest. The discretion of community leaders can determine how the town is organized, if there is a local guard, if commodities in an area are shared, or what punishments can be dispensed for a crime in their area.   The reach of that authority stops when dealing with outsiders or dealing with crimes noted by the monarchy as 'Offenses Against the Crown.' These are a special set of laws that the King has declared can only be mediated by the Court or himself. Often these are heinous crimes that would result in execution or banishment. These community leaders have a good relationship with the King's Court and routinely travel the kingdom in order to meet with community leaders, identify struggles, and give guidance on matters to improve their lives.  

King's Court

A diverse group of persons that have been trained and selected directly by the Fairy King and more often than not empowered by his magic to be a practitioner of Green or Orange Magic. In many cases, these individuals become Warlocks whose access to and understanding of magic are directly sponsored by the Fairy King. By doing this he can observe the actions of his court easily and has the privilege to revoke their skill in higher-tier magic at a moment's notice.   The duties of this group are diverse. In times of danger, they are highly trained battle Mages that are capable of great feats of destruction or protection through the use of arcane power. They also act as ambassadors to foreign countries, being trained in diplomacy and representation so that they can function in any society throughout the world. Their homeland duty is to travel throughout the Kingdom settling disputes, judging matters deemed beyond the authority of community leaders, and solving problems throughout the kingdom. They have no fixed geography that they are assigned to, rather the members of the King's Court that are assigned to the homeland mission travel throughout the country continuously and are one of the few allowed to travel off the King's Road without repercussion from a Geas.  

The Monarchy

Few kings have existed since the creation of the Fairy Kingdom, but Festival Snix has served as such the longest. This being is a third-generation Ancient Fey, meaning that his magical abilities are incredible when compared to a mortal. As a member of a Divine Race, he is revered by most of his subjects on the level of a demi-god though immediately rejects the notion of being equal to gods.   The King has authority over all within his borders, including outsiders. Due to the nature of how the Ancient Fey establish territory, the King exhibits an immense amount of control over the weather, plants, and geography that is within the borders of the kingdom. When the monarchy makes laws they can be enforced through a powerful magic that permeates the land, known as a Geas, or they can be handed down to one of the other two tiers of government to enforce. At this point in time, the Kingdom only has a few sets of Geas that directly interact with people in the kingdom. This was said to be much different during the Eldritch War when the Kingdom was in a state of turmoil though few casualties were sustained.   Generally, the monarchy will be involved when international representatives need attention, or when civil disputes between nations reach a point where they are unable to be handled through representation. The King rarely leaves his own borders, preferring to stay within them to respond to issues that may arise as well as to host the daily party within the capital city of Silverleaf. Despite having absolute ruling authority, the King seldom invokes this power to make changes to the daily lives that his citizens choose to lead. Instead, he takes a supporting role, letting disputes and issues be handled at the lowest level possible and only becoming involved if a specific law or prohibition is invoked that requires his direct attention.   At any time, a citizen of the kingdom may invoke their right to an audience with the King. This is not taken lightly as they attend trial where the judge, jury, and enactor of penalties is simply the King. Though seldom invoked to the detriment of his own citizens the audience with the King is a serious affair wherein mortals often understand more clearly the difference in perception between a being that lives forever and that of their own limited existence. Though strange, odd, and even alien-like in many ways the King is considered the constant protector and avenger of those that live under his rule.
Founding Date
650,000 IM
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
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This area worships three deities primarily due to their ancestral roles in the creation of life, nature, and their species. Lycana, Libra, and the Huntress (her Hunter aspect) are the most popular and often referred to as the Divine Sisters. Most temples and places of worship will be primarily devoted to these deities with large, combined areas that emphasize their connection and cooperation. Aside from these areas, temples and places of worship will have lesser areas to accommodate for the observance of others, though knowledge and training in those rituals are often limited due to the emphasis on the main three deities of the area. Lycana, Libra, and the Huntress also have grand, dedicated temples that are considered holy sites for them individually where no other observances are accommodated. These are grand structures that are considered landmarks of the Kingdom, each with a grouping of communities around them that care for the holy sites.


The specific currency used within the Standard Metal Value system for the Fairy Kingdom is called Ages, they have an eccentric design with a few notes of a melody and a musical staff carefully raised on their surface. These coins are not uncommon to find in many countries and have a large presence in underwater settlements. They have no language but the musical notes do denote a particular period of time for their production. The notes, when assembled from highest currency value to lowest currency value form a portion of a larger song composed by the Fairy King from before the formation of the Kingdom. Depending upon when the coins were produced, they can be assembled to form a different portion of the song which has yet to be released completely through this means. The name of the melody is called Moonlight. They have great value to collectors because many of the earlier coins are incredibly rare to find, and collectors have created a special way to store them called a 'Fairies' Music Sheet.' This is often a wood or metal slab that allows someone to set the coins in them along their proper place on the musical staff so that if all coins are collected they could be read as a regular music sheet.

Character flag image: Banner of the Fairy Kingdom by Crest via Armoria, created by RiverFang

Intense Magic

... 1 IM

The time before the Eldritch War in Isekai

Eldritch Aftermath

1 EA and beyond

The time after the beginning of the Eldritch War in Isekai

  • 1 EA

    100 EA

    Eldritch War
    Era beginning/end

    A Warlock who longed for power reached too far into the dark magics of the world, allowing Eldritch beings to enter the planes of Isekai to wreak havoc. For 100 years, the peoples of Isekai battled these creatures, eventually sealing them away, but not before great destruction was inflicted upon the world. Entire races were lost, once verdant and fertile places were turned into Deadzones, and the monsters of the world became more adventurous.

  • 1 EA
    First Appearance of the Black Children
    Metaphysical / Paranormal event

    Creatures and horrors appeared after the end of the Eldritch War, remnants of the dark magic that had blanketed the world for a century. One of the many phenomena that came from the war were the Black Children, a myth of men that had gained unspeakable powers, things that seemed impossible even with magic. Most believed the Black Children to be nothing more than a fairy tale to raise the spirits of children, but no one was quite sure whether the myths were true.


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