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River Between the Fey

Water glitters in the noonday sun, one side a crystalline blue, shimmering with fish scales and polished stones, while the other side glows a candy pink, flowing heavily against the bank. The division between the two moves and shifts as the water follows its path, sometimes reaching for one bank or the other as the magic of the Elven Forest and the Fairy King's Wood meets within the confines of the riverbanks. Only the ever-changing waters separate the magics of two forests, both blessed by the Ancient Fey, but in rather different ways.   The crystalline blue, translucent to the smooth river rocks that line the bottom of the river denotes the normalcy of the Elven Forest, its magic steeped in the roots of its ancient trees more so than in the water. The candy pink, milky in its depths, shows the magic of the Fairy King's Wood where the world of the Fairies merges and moves along with the Wandering Forest. The deep magics keep the colors from merging and mixing, instead creating an intricate dance as they flow to the river's end.   The Feyline, much like its sister the Wilderrun, bears some of the brunt of the Ancient Fey's magic that seems from the Wandering Forest, but the Feyline is also graced by the deep magic that comes from the land of the Elves. Its divided waters showcasing the vast differences in the magic each place, while all the magic stems from the Ancient Fey. Only here, on the edge of such magic, does such a phenomena exist.


The Feyline River spans hundreds of miles along vastly different territories, but it is often spoken of as only being the dividing line between the Elven Forest and the Fairy King's Wood. While serving as the western border of both the Moorlands and the Fairy King's Wood, the Feyline is considered a river of fey magic, flowing through territories that gain their magic from the Ancient Fey. Even so, the Orcs claim this river from its headwaters until it disappears into the mountains of the Spine of Kallex.   As the waters reach the Spine of Kallex, small streams form, with some dipping deep into the earth, often flowing into Káto, while others carve deep valleys through the mountains to reach the

Quick Facts: Geography

Western border of the Moorlands, Northwestern border of the Fairy King's Wood
Lake Idryl
Southern shore of Vóreios
forests it divides. Here, the river truly earns its name as the Feyline.   As the Feylilne moves from the mountains through the forests, it divides the towering Aelinor Oaks from the magical visage of the flora of the Fairy King's Wood. Over the course of millennia, the path of the river has never strayed, its banks never growing or shrinking as the years pass by. Since the earliest days of Isekai, this river has served as a natural division between these magics.  
Elven Forest
The Elven Forest is home to the Elves and a vast array of flora and fauna that are touched by the deep magic of the forest. By far one of the oldest areas of Vóreios, this forest is known for ingrained magic and the research thereof far beyond anywhere else in the world.
Due to the unwavering nature of the Feyline and its location, the river has been mapped many times over, both by Scholars of the Unending Scroll wishing to study the flora and fauna and the Avians who mapped from above. The Fairies have very little interest in the geography of this river as it is on the fringes of their wood. These maps are considered some of the most detailed of anywhere in Vóreios and are often used to teach future Mapmakers.   Unlike the Wilderrun, the Feyline is not bound by the magic of the Wandering Forest, forced to constantly change based upon the wants of the world. Instead, the magic of the Elven Forest and Fairy King's Wood act upon the river equally, causing it to never be affected by drought or flood, the colored halves of the river pouring magic into the root systems and soil that surround its banks.   These phenomena and the local flora and fauna are highly documented due to the studies of those at the Unending Scroll. As a major thoroughfare for the Elves to various locations in the west of their forest and to the Fairy King's Wood, it was a necessity to understand all about the river, including its simple geography. The Feyline is known to be one of the cleanest rivers in terms of debris, allowing safe passage of almost any vessel to the sea.

Fauna & Flora

The flora and fauna that surround the river vary greatly depending on which side of the river you are on in any given place. It is not uncommon to see Golden Gydes swimming in the candy pink water while Cerulean Carp swim in the translucent blue of the other side.  


Flora such as moss, lichen, and fungi are common along either bank of the Feyline, but vary greatly depending on if you are on the Elven Forest side or the Fairy King's Wood side. Those plants that touch the candy pink water are similar to those along the Wilderrun while the plants that touch the translucent blue water are more native to the Elven Forest.   Larger plants such as ferns, trees, and bushes are common close to the river on its northern side, preferring the magic of the Elves over that of the Fairies. Even so, ground-covering plants are common on both banks of the river, as they tend to lock the magic and moisture deep into the ground where it is needed to feed the rest of the forest.   Red Caps are one of the most common ground-covering plants on the
northern side of the river. The mushrooms thrive in the rich soil of the Elven Forest, often growing over the thick root systems of the Aelinor Oaks.   Its name stems from the bright red caps that these mushrooms sport, allowing them to be seen from great distances, even through the thick foliage of the forest. These are commonly gathered by the Outlanders for a variety of reasons, including a food source as well as minor medicinal properties the mushrooms have.   Aelinor Oaks are common throughout the Elven Forest with root systems that reach deep into the earth. These and other trees commonly grow near to the Feyline, often showing their roots as the systems reach into the magic of the river flowing nearby. Some of these roots have been known to reach nearly eight inches in diameter, serving as a sitting place for those who wish to enjoy a moment along the banks of the river.  


Cerulean Carp
Many fauna call the areas around the Feyline home, but some can only be found in the magical pink water that comes from the Fairy King's Wood. The fish found in this special water are often extremely colorful, but even the fish found in the magic-imbued waters of the Elven Forest tend to have fins that mimic the thin waves of river grass and other underwater plants.   The Golden Gyde is the most common fish found in the pink waters of the Fairy King's Wood. These fish reach nearly two feet in length are are often in shades of gold or yellow. Their fins are translucent and are sometimes difficult to see in the milky pink water.   On the Elven Forest side of the Feyline, the Cerulean Carp is by far the most well-known creature, its blue scales shining against the translucent water and the dull river stones. This shade of blue is a color not found amongst the fish of the Fairy King's Wood.
History of Name
Was named as it was seen as the defining line between the Fairy King's Wood and the Elven Forest, a dividing line between the fey descendents
Alternative Name
Faeline, Elvenline
Location under
Inhabiting Species

Localized Phenomena

Only two places on the Northern Continent are known to have this phenomena, with the Wilderrun being the most prominent example of it. Due to the amount of magic that spills from the Wandering Forest into the water, the water in the Feyline and Wilderrun are known to change colors depending on a number of factors.   The water of the Feyline closest to the Fairy King's Wood rarely wavers from a candy pink color. There is always a stark division between the magic water of the Wandering Forest and the translucent water that the Elven Forest is known for.  
Varied Color
The magic spilling from the Wandering Forest into the Fairy King's Wood has been known to cause a great deal of odd and wondrous phenomena, but none more interesting that the changing colors of the Wilderrun and Feyline as they flow through the chaotic magic of both the Wandering Forest and the Fairy King's Wood.

Natural Resources

The Feyline provides the majority of the water used by those that live in the Outlands of the southern part of the Elven Forest and the western parts of the Fairy King's Wood. It also provides water for parts of the Moorlands, but the Orcs of the area are not as reliant on the Feyline as other locals.   The water near both banks is considered safe to drink, but few other than the Fairies dare drink the pink water as it is believed to have rather mystical properties as studied at the Wilderrun. As the waters do not mix, the translucent blue of the northern shore is always considered safe to drink and is some of the cleanest water found on the Northern Continent.   Many plants and animals are sustained by these waters as well and are often granted some magical properties as defined by which side of the river they are on. Those found near the river in the Fairy King's Wood may have more mystical and wondrous properties while those near in the Elven Forest are often more enhanced in terms of sensory abilities.

Influence of the Fey

The Wandering Forest and its magic has some effect on the Feyline, but not nearly to the extent of the Wilderrun. Even so, it is common to find similiar phenomena and flora and fauna on the Fairy King's Wood side of the Feyline to what can be found on the banks of the Wilderrun.  
Geographic Location | Mar 6, 2023

The Wilderrun bears the full brunt of the Ancient Fey's magic, its waters flowing in shades of cerulean and sugary pink as it moves through both the Fairy King's Wood and the Wandering Forest. Much like everything else in the wood, the river dances.


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