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Eagle Eyed Cartographers

An Avian dressed in robes made to accommodate his wings flies slowly over the shores of Lake Idryl taking in the sights and sounds of the never-ending water. After a few more passes, what would be hours spent flying over nearly every inch of the lake and the surrounding miles, he stops for the night on the edge of the Elven Forest, preferring to begin the process of drawing his map in the quiet of the summer's eve instead of in the bustle of an inn. He pulls the magical parchment, gotten from a Pachyderm enchanter, and begins the process of speaking the rough, screeching language of Avian over the parchment as he writes the script of the words he speaks. As he writes the words across the parchment with the tip of a talon, colors and textures of the land he flew slowly bloom across the page. He is not worried about elevations or minor things like that. The page floods with the textures of the Traveler's Grass of the Great Plains and the lush leaves of the Elven Forest. He captures the deep colors of Lake Idryl and its true nature as a bottomless lake. When the color bleeds to the edge of the page, he pulls a new instrument from his bag and begins the process of drawing small symbols for the villages and other interesting places that he believes should be noted.   Avians are the mapmakers of Isekai, their eyesight and ability to fly allowing them to map even the most difficult to reach places. Even so, it is not a job to be taken lightly as it means long hours of flying over the same places, noting the smallest of details. Those that take up the mantle of mapmaker are given special enchanted parchment that allows the page to blossom with the exact things they had seen, removing the guesswork that many cartographers are subject to. While the maps of Avians are often detailed in their interpretation of the terrain, often one must take their distances lightly as distances labeled "as the Avian flies" are never the same when walked or traveled on the ground.



Most mapmaking done by Avians is often kept to the larger birds of the species, although in some instances, the Avians that are hummingbirds or other small birds are often used to map deep forests and caverns where their speed and size is needed. Other times, mapmakers are often hawks or larger birds of prey.
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The purpose of the mapmakers is to map as much of Isekai as possible. The Avians that take on this job are only required to map the surface of Isekai, as the Gem Dwarves and Silver Elves are responsible for mapping their own territories. The Wandering Forest and the Lost Paths are also outside the scope of what the Avians are required to map.  

Payment & Reimbursement

Avians who serve as mapmakers are paid for each map they create, but the price of the map depends on which group the map is being made for. These maps are considered the master copy from which all other maps will be made. In many instances, even a small map made by an Avian will be worth 100 gold or more.  


The only necessary tool of the mapmaker is the special enchanted parchment that allows even non-spellcasters to create the magical maps of the Avians. This parchment is created by enchanters across the world, but in most instances, it is procured from Elven and Pachyderm enchanters.


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