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Fey Dragons

Dragons of the Wandering Forest

Soft wings beat like butterflies against the shimmery glowing air of the Wandering Forest, but the creature whose wings move is far larger than a simple butterfly, sharp teeth and claws defining the creature as something else entirely. So many things in the wandering plane are as simple as first glance, often being far more deadly than their beautiful facade shows. This creature is no different, its butterfly wings distracting from the dangers being carried by such, a mischievous creature ready to cause chaos whenever possible.   Fey Dragons are not truly Dragons as they take more after the Ancient Fey that call the Wandering Forest home, but their physiology and presentation often make those who see them think of cute little Dragons that are safe and delicate. This is far from the truth as the true nature of the fey appears in these creatures, shapeshifters that thrive when they can cause chaos and problems for those that wander through their domain. The Ancient Fey consider these creatures to be little more than a nuisance as their magic is not strong enough to cause major issues, but for those that wander into the Wandering Forest on accident, a meeting with a Fey Dragon can mean never returning to their home.   Currently, these Dragons live only in the Wandering Forest, a place that is considered safe for those that are mostly fey in ancestry. In some instances, a Fey Dragon can be found in the Fairy King's Wood as they shift between planes to lead people astray where the veil is the thinnest between planes. Rarely does this happen, but even the Fey Dragons become bored pranking the Ancient Fey and the other denizens of the Wandering Forest. Those of mortal blood are far more entertaining when tempted by the fluttery wings of these creatures.

Basic Information


While not truly related to Dragons, Fey Dragons share anatomical traits with Dragons such as long tails, large wings, four legs, scales, and sharp claws. Their wings are more reminiscent of those that Fairies receive throughout their lives, often much softer and delicate than true Dragon wings. Traits such as color, head shape, horns, scale patterns, and others can change based on the whim of the Fey Dragons, much like the appearance of the Ancient Fey.   Common Colorations

Common Colorations

Due to their love of changing their form, Fey Dragons can come in a wide variety of colors, including every color that mortals can see. It is believed that they can change their colors to be outside of the normal color spectrum, but this theory is difficult to prove. The color of their eyes has a much smaller range, often only being yellow, brown, red, green, grey, or purple.  

Scale Colors


Eye Colors


Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Because of the nature of Fey Dragons being both similar to Dragons and the Ancient Fey, it is difficult to fully understand the extent of these creatures' capabilities. It is believed that Fey Dragons can see through all darkness, even darkness that has been created magically, as well as being able to see through most magic and illusions. Superior senses are also common in these creatures, but not nearly to the extent of an apex predator like the Dragons.   More similarly to the Ancient Fey, these creatures can dictate their own appearance and physiology to some extent, choosing to change their appearance on a whim. This is said to help with camouflage so that they can cause greater chaos when charming mortals. Because of their Ancient Fey physiology, these creatures are considered immortal as long as they remain within the confines of the Wandering Forest. Leaving for short periods of time will not affect their mortality.

Civilization and Culture


Fey Dragon Egg
The mysteries of the Wandering Forest are many, but where these dazzling eggs came from is one. It is said that a gleaming egg of gemstones and precious metal appeared one day, tucked beneath the roots of one of the many trees. Eventually, this egg would hatch into a magnificent Dragon, one far different than those that called the material plane home.
Both Metallic and Chromatic Dragons have their own origin stories where they entered the world as nothing but delicate eggs but the origin of Fey Dragons is far more mysterious as no one knows exactly who or what created these mischievous creatures. Long after the Divine Races were created and the Ancient Fey chose to make their home in the Wandering Forest, a simple egg, nothing more than a gemstone wrapped in bronze, appeared beneath the roots of a tree, the core pulsing with the light of magic. No one knew what the item was or where it came from, so the egg was left beneath the tree until the roots covered the glowing mass.   Centuries passed and those that called the Wandering Forest home forgot about the mysterious egg. Soon, cracks began to appear in the egg hidden by the roots, spears of light piercing the darkness. Eventually, the egg broke open, revealing a small creature that fully resembled a Mithril Dragon. Once again, the Ancient Fey paid no mind, forcing the hatching from under the tree and to a gateway so that the creature would leave. Slowly, the small Dragon shifted to mimic the appearance of the Ancient Fey, shifting and changing as it saw more people.   More eggs began to appear beneath trees throughout the Wandering Forest, slowly hatching and releasing these small Dragons into the world. They shifted their appearances, changing their wings and scales, and slowly began playing tricks on those that had ignored them. Using simple magic, they teased and tormented the Ancient Fey, causing them to be named Fey Dragons for their similarities to the two Divine Races. The Fey Dragon numbers increased and their want for chaos expanded, eventually driving them to draw mortals into the Wandering Forest from the mortal realm.
Fey Dragon
Fey Dragons are very similar to the Ancient Fey that call the Wandering Forest home. Shifting between forms that fit their fancy and playing pranks on those that enter their domain, these creatures are far more fey than they are Dragons.
Fey Ancestry
Average Height
2 feet tall
Average Length
2 - 3 feet from snout to tail
Geographic Distribution
Discovered by
Ancient Fey

Social Structure

Both Dragons and Ancient Fey are rather territorial of their domains, chasing away or injuring any who enter without permission. While truly not descended from either race, Fey Dragons are much the same, preferring solitary lifestyles where they are the ruler of their own domains and hoards. These creatures may find a hollow or other area of the forest to claim, after conversing with the ruling Ancient Fey of the area so as not to bring wrath upon themselves. Their domains are often small, usually only a square mile in size as these creatures are small and require little space to themselves.   It is rare that Fey Dragons will gather together but when the opportunity presents itself for a grand event of chaos, a small number of Fey Dragons will band together to charm and wreak havoc if a group of Adventurers or travelers stumbles into the Wandering Forest by chance. In some instances, Fey Dragons will band together to travel to the mortal plane and tempt people to follow them so they can chase them and possibly get them lost in the Wandering Forest.   If these small groups of Fey Dragons bring too many travelers to the Wandering Forest to suit their own interests, eventually the Ancient Fey of an area will step in and use their own magic to force the travelers out. Beyond this, Fey Dragons and the other denizens of the Wandering Forest rarely interact as the Fey Dragons are seen as nothing more than a nuisance like an insect.


Author's Notes

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