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God of Magic & Father of Djinn

Olik is a mysterious god that is more feared than respected in many circles as he is associated with magic, hidden knowledge, secrets, and the Djinn race. Stories place him as the creator of the Djinn race and a being that has absolute knowledge of magic, its inner workings, and the arcane that lies in realms beyond Isekai. Among the gods, he is often considered a loner that moves about with his own agenda. Olik belongs to two Pantheons, the Pantheon of Arcane and the Pantheon of Trickery. While his strongest identity is in the Pantheon of Arcane he is known as the first Djinn, the creator of the mythical race that few believe in during the modern-day and responsible for teaching them all the secrets of magic. Olik's form is debated often, mostly due to the fact that he can change it on a whim whether it is a byproduct of his magical prowess or simply a feature of his Djinn species is unknown. This god is often depicted as a great red Djinn with a black turban and several decorations wrought of gold and sapphires. In his appearances, he is depicted as physically massive with crossed arms and his lower body fading away into a violent cyclone of red and blue energy.   His tenets and standards involve secrecy, forbidden knowledge, curiosity, and wisdom of arcane workings. The personality of Olik is shrouded in mystery and understood best by the Djinn that he personally taught for many years. He passed on knowledge of all magic both discovered and undiscovered, magic of use and magic that could not yet be used. Those that worship Olik are primarily Djinn, the few mortals that have an interest in following him show an aptitude beyond natural talent for magic and often become teachers or masters of one of the great magic academies. Despite this, his likeness is common in places of arcane knowledge and his symbols are often inscribed on powerful magic locks or doors of sealing.

Divine Domains

Olik is involved in two different domains, his identity is primarily invoked in the Arcane over the Trickery but he is not an uncommon deity to see depicted or recognized among educated magic users. Those that worship Olik will venerate him as the god of all Djinn, of absolute magical knowledge, and in some cases a god of fate though it is important to note that he has no identity in the knowledge domain because of his views on secrecy of his knowledge. Olik is often depicted or his imagery or his name is invoked rather than any direct appeal to the deity himself. This is thought to be the case because his name and his image are synonymous with an arcane rune though its exact uses and application are not fully understood.  


Olik is considered to be the pinnacle deity within the Pantheon of Arcane because of his absolute control, knowledge, and understanding of magic beyond simple energy or force. As the pinnacle deity, he wields the most power in this pantheon and his followers can invoke his name or symbols in their spells to wield greater power, some of the most powerful spells in Isekai use his name as a part of their written form or even a few letters of the language spoken by Djinn. It is rumored that the symbols for Olik's name in the Djinn language have two forms, one denoting favor and one denoting malice which both have unmatched power in spellcasting application. All other gods of Arcane are considered either more specialized or outright weaker than Olik when it comes to the broad subject of magic. When it comes to Magic his focus is on a wide understanding and application of it as a force of nature, followers often expand their knowledge of spells from dozens of spells to hundreds or thousands of spells in their research to gain greater understanding.


Olik is considered to be a god within the Pantheon of Trickery because of his attitude towards secrecy of magical knowledge and his unwillingness to impart it to mortals. This attitude is said to have extended to a decree given to Djinn that causes them to keep the knowledge of their language, which is most suited for wielding magic, secret from mortals to the point that they go out of their way to wipe it from the memory of mortals. When it comes to aspects of Trickery he is specialized in riddles and legalities, which is often thought to be the driving force behind Djinn that requires exact terms when making deals or granting wishes to mortals. This is meant to be a lesson that Olik places great emphasis upon that words have meaning, using them carelessly should be considered a grave sin and his followers take care to speak with purpose at all times. In this domain, his worshippers will invoke his name or image on contracts or use language to construct their magical agreements with a degree of specificity and understanding that would leave a demon with a twinge of jealousy.

Holy Books & Codes

The exploits of Olik are mostly known through ruins, secret scrolls, and spells that are scattered throughout the world though mostly focused on the southern continent in areas once thought to be part of a great country ruled by Djinn. It is said that the Djinn race has a large tome created by Olik that contains all of the lessons he imparted to them over years of direct teaching but it has never been seen by a mortal. This tome is allegedly called the Book of Secrets and contains information about magic that is greatly sought after and would likely bring about the ruin of the world should it fall into the wrong hands. This tome is also said to have many inherent powers of its own including the ability to allow free travel between different realms connected to Isekai.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

The primary symbol of Olik is a sapphires surrounded by gold, the cut of the gem is in a hexagon with long vertical sides and wide angles along the top. Other symbols include a bronze lamp that is often used on arcane locks and is meant to symbolize the punishment of Olik or his rebuke to those that violate the laws of magic through unholy methods.


The holiday dedicated to Olik is the third day of Fall's Morning. It is on this day that the graduation of Mages and the first day for new students at magic academies will commence. It is said that this is a day of wisdom and secrets, common practices include an exchange of gifts that revolve around puzzles and riddles. The rules being that puzzles or riddles given on this day must be solved by the one that receives them, the answer can never be given by the one that imparted the gift. Bad luck is imparted to those that violate this rule. It is said that on this day there is a larger chance for travelers and explorers to encounter magic lamps where Djinn that are paying penance must grant the wishes of mortals according to their wisdom and desire.
Divine Classification
Ruled Locations

Tenets of Faith

The secrets of Olik are attained through a lifetime of study, persistence, and wisdom that can only be attained through a combination of experiences. Secrets are secret only for a short time, yet it is important that they remain secret until their time comes.   Magic is wisdom, there is nothing that is only a labor of the mind for the mind is a labor of the body and magic is a labor of both.   Seek all things, things that are hidden shall remain so until they are discovered and many things go forgotten under the gathering sands of time.   Words are not idle things, they wield immense power and can enact things that magic cannot. Choose all speech wisely and not without purpose lest purpose takes hold of your own words and bring about your undoing.   Careless use of the Arcane is the unraveling of much more than your own life, beyond all things seek understanding because it is hidden far better than any secret.

Character Portrait image: Olik by Portrait via Portrait Workshop, created by RiverFang


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