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Wither Blight

Written by RiverFang

Deep in the night, the hum of magic that settled upon the Fairy King's Wood like a blanket slowly disappeared, leaving a silence that was deafening, a sign that all was no longer right in the woods. When the early summer sun drifted across the landscape, once green and vibrant foliage bowed and curled beneath the glare of the sun. As the days continued on, the color drained from the plants and animals, the magic disappeared, leaving the once-bustling woods nothing more than a dried and brown husk of its former self.   Droughts are common on Isekai, an occurrence of the climate and the rays of the hot summer sun beating down and drying lands that have yet to be graced by rain that year. What occurred in the Fairy King's Wood when the magic dried up, was more than a simple drought of water. The wood thrives on the magic of the Feywild and its appearance in this plane, but the fountains dried and the magic seeped out of the wood with no trace to be found.   Known as the Wither Blight, this occurrence is one that still leaves scientists and spellcasters baffled. As spring turned to summer, the magic of the Fairy King's Wood dried up like a small puddle, essentially stealing the life essence from the flora and fauna that relied on the forest’s magic to thrive. For years, the drought continued, and those that called the forest home poured their own magic into the trees to keep the ancient forest alive. This left many of the forest’s denizens nearly magicless, but eventually, the magic would return.


The magical drought that affected the Fairy King's Wood was shortlived, but the after-effects lasted for nearly a decade. While the true cause of the drought is unknown, it is assumed that the wood was somehow cut off from the magical flow that comes from the Feywild for a short period of time. The flow of magic is massive and necessary for the forest to thrive, so being cut off from this source created a resounding ripple effect of the forest suffering due to a lack of magic.   This ripple effect lasted for nearly a decade as the forest attempted to regain the magic that it had lost. This caused the flora and fauna of the area to become former husks of themselves, losing color and other properties due to the lack of magic. Witches, Fairies, and others who call the Fairy King's Wood home would often spend days pouring their own magical energy back into the forest to hopefully start the healing process quicker.
87,000 - 86,990 I.M.
Affected Location
Fairy King's Wood
Metaphysical, Arcane


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Jul 28, 2020 11:21 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

I really love the way you write. It really brings your world to life. Wither Blight sounds like it was such a sad occurance. :(

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