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Lofted Tree Coven

Coven of the Valley of Redwoods

We make our homes so close to the sky because we reach for the heavens. With our magic, we strive for knowledge beyond all. Here in the canopy, the knowledge of heaven and earth is much closer to our grasp.
Elva Enric
  Small houses that look like baskets from the forest floor hang from the massive branches of the trees the Fairies call the Festival Redwoods. Vines of lights are strung between them, filling the night sky with the blinking rainbow of fire fly lights. Sometimes candles burn in the windows of the small houses, but from the ground so far below, these lights are nothing more than a twinkling star shining through the canopy.   High above the world below, nestled amongst the titan branches of the Redwoods resides the village of Titannia, a haven for those of the Lofted Tree Coven. Hundreds of feet from the forest floor, the small village blends into the thick foliage of the Redwoods, hiding themselves in the natural camouflage of the Fairy King's Wood. Here in the tops of the trees, the Witches of the Lofted Tree Coven practice their trades of Arcane Weaving and Wand Making, rarely leaving their homes unless something requires their attention on the forest floor below.   Small ladders of tangled branches wrap around the gargantuan trees, slowly reaching towards the homes above. Those that do not have the magic to easily reach the village are often hindered by the ladders, protecting the village even further from the prying eyes that bring hatred and persecution to the Witches. Their home in the canopy keeps them safe, and in return, their magic helps the trees grow and thrive.


Passing of the Coven Leader

Like most Witch covens, the decision of who will become the next Coven Leader is often left in the hands of the goddess Libra. Even so, Witches of the Lofted Tree Coven must demonstrate proficiency in both Arcane Weaving and Wand Making, as these two endeavors are both measures of how a Witch will take care of the magical Redwoods of the valley. Through meditation and prayer, the new Coven Leader is chosen by the word of Libra through the coven’s elders.  
Libra's Crown
Building / Landmark | Mar 8, 2022

At the very tops of the trees one can find Libra's Crown, a building meant to crown the forest, to provide a blanket of protection much as the goddess protects the Witches that call this place home. Here in this place, all happens for the coven.

Elva Enric
Character | Mar 10, 2022

Current leader of the Lofted Tree Coven, the Elf Elva Enric has served in her post for many decades, bringing deep thought and care to a position amongst the trees, a place both her people and the Elves have always loved and coveted most dearly.

Common Rituals & Practices

The Lofted Tree Coven is most well-known for two of its crafting techniques. Using the materials given by the Festival Redwoods, the Witches of the coven can craft wands from the branches that can be used as spellcasting focuses as well as creating sheets of magical cloth that is woven from fine strands of bark. As these items come from the Redwoods, they have special magical properties interwoven into them. Once crafted by the Witches, these items are often sold throughout the lands of Isekai.  
Arcane Weaving
Technology / Science | Mar 8, 2022

The art of Arcane Weaving was one such tidbit of knowledge the Festival Redwoods granted the Witches. Through this method, the Witches could shave thin pieces of bark from the trees and weave them into an intricate fabric that was innately magical.

Wand Making
Technology / Science | Mar 8, 2022

For most casters, only the delicately carved wands of the Festival Redwoods will do, items imbued with deep magic based in the Ancient Fey. Others can create wands, but only those of the Lofted Tree Coven have such power and grace.


The Witches that would become the Lofted Tree Coven were one of the earliest groups to a receive a new home from Festival Snix. In his gift, known as the Gift of the Valley, the Witches were gifted the Valley of Redwoods. This valley was home to the Festival Redwoods, named for the Fairy King and his magic which made them grow to new proportions. These Witches were tasked with the protection of this valley and its trees, magical beings that had an unknown power. With the task at hand, these Witches formed the Lofted Tree Coven and joined the fauna of the Fairy King's Wood in the treetops.   Within a year of establishing the coven, a small village of hanging houses arose in the canopy. The town of Titannia, nestled amongst the high branches of the Redwoods, provided protection for the Witches away from the floor of the Fairy King's Wood. A larger hanging building, that would become known as Libra's Crown, became the center of their worship and livelihoods. This building would serve many purposes and would eventually house the Coven Leader and the goods that the Witches had created and wished to trade.  
The Redwoods of this valley are unlike any others in Isekai. The goddess has asked that we protect their magic, and so we shall, through the use of our magic. Our purpose and our magic are no longer a hindrance of our life.
— Unknown
  The Witches, with their tie to nature, spoke to the trees and soon were gifted with the ways of Wand Making and Arcane Weaving. The trees gave the Witches branches and slivers of bark with which to craft their magical implements in return for their care and the brief sharing of their magic. If a Witch gave of her magic to the Redwoods, her return in materials was tenfold. Through this system, the Witches of the Lofted Tree Coven became crafters, using their trades to gain more knowledge and reach for more.   After decades of creating objects for their own uses, the Witches believed that other could benefit greatly from the wands and magical cloth that they were creating. With the blessing of Libra, they began to trade their goods in the capital of the Fairy Kingdom, gathering other crafting materials from their trades. With their knowledge of the Festival Redwoods, they began weaving magical into other trades, minorly enchanting and enhancing paintings, writings, and other art by using the materials of the Redwoods.   As the Fairy King's Wood suffered the Wither Blight, so did the Witches of the Lofted Tree Coven. The harsh drought brought upon the forest drained the magic from the flora and fauna. The Witches gave the Redwoods as much of their magic as they could, but it was barely enough to keep the trees from withering like so many others in the forest.   Even those in the treetops could not escape the horrors of the Eldritch War. The Witches of the Lofted Tree Coven offered their aid as fighters and casters, serving as front line protectors of the Fairy King's Wood. Their magic was better suited for the offensive, so they chose to stand with the Fairies of the wood. As the war raged on, more of the Witches stayed in the Valley of Redwoods to continue making wands and their magical cloth that was often used as a form of armor. While they did not offer their help to any outside of the wood, they still felt the persecution that many saw fit to do while in the midst of a war. Even so, the Witches were still protected under Festival Snix and did everything in their power to protect the home of the Fairies.

Reach Further Than the Tops of the Tallest Trees

Founding Date
99,800 IM
Religious, Coven
Leader Title
Parent Organization
Controlled Territories

Culture of the Witches

The culture of Witches holds on to the lingering effects of persecution throughout the land of Isekai. These casters were only women, gathering in groups called covens, and practicing magic that often used their own life force to complete the spells. For these reasons, they faced nearly torturous persecution by other casters and those that were often feared by the magic that Witches could weave through harm or how they often turned harmful and dangerous things to be good and virtuous. Due to this, many Witch covens were forced to the Fairy King's Wood and the protection of the word of Festival Snix.   Here in the lands of the Fairies, the Witches are left to their magic, often serving in the Fairy King's court and throughout the woods as healers and other useful casters. Some dare travel into the Wandering Forest, using their connection to the lands of Isekai to turn the upside down world of the Ancient Fey to the aid of others. During the Eldritch War, the Witches and their creations were needed to aid those across Isekai, but history often repeats itself and their creations went unused by many.

Exodus of the Witches

Decades after the formation of the Covens of the Tree, the Witches were forced to leave the Fairy King's Wood and branded as allies of Morgoth the Arch-Demon. This led to millennia of systematic persecution by all races in Isekai. Many Witches either hid their magic or became hermits under the fear that any show of their type of magic or their ties to the goddess Libra could mean their death.   Upon the ascent of Festival Snix to the throne of the Fairy King's Wood, an apology was issued by the Fairy King for the wrongs that were committed over the millennia. With his apology, the king welcomed the Covens of the Tree back to the Fairy King's Wood and offered his protection to those that returned.   This began the mass exodus of the Witches throughout Isekai returning to the Fairy King's Wood with the promise of safety and a homeland where they could practice their magic and their trades. For seven years, large groups of Witches of all races traveled to the wood, gaining gifts of land from the king which became the homes of the various covens. New covens were formed and the old ways of the Witches that had been lost during their persecution began to flourish in the safety of the Fairy King's Wood.

The Legacy of the Lofted Tree Coven

Originally tasked with the protection of the Festival Redwoods and the Valley of Redwoods, the Lofted Tree Coven quickly established a legacy that stood upon their crafting and their strength during the Eldritch War. With the invention of both Wand Making and Arcane Weaving, the coven was able to utilize the gifts of the Fairy King's Wood and bring magic to others through their crafts.   While a mixed group of casters, their blessing as part of the Coven of the White Tree came as strength during the Eldritch War that allowed them to aid in the fight against the horrors that came to Isekai. This, along with their proficiency in crafting specific magical goods, became a necessity of the war. Their crafts became weapons of prosperity and safety.

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Intense Magic

... 1 IM

The time before the Eldritch War in Isekai.

Eldritch Aftermath

1 EA and beyond

The time after the beginning of the Eldritch War in Isekai.

  • 1 EA

    100 EA

    Eldritch War
    Era beginning/end

    The Eldritch War changed life for all in Isekai, bringing with it great death and destruction. Witches across the world offered their aid and their potions to help end some of the suffering, but many races refused their aid, still wary of the casters, even after millennia. Because of this, early in the war, many of the Witches chose to only aid the Fairies and protect the Fairy King's Wood.


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