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Arcane Weaving

Written by RiverFang

Magic is abundant in the forests of Isekai, making the trees grow in strange and interesting ways, increasing the lifespans of the forest beyond tenfold. These areas are teeming with life, from a variety of flora and fauna to the descendants of the Elder and Divine Races that call these lands home, it is no wonder that this magic often infests those that live there, bringing power and knowledge in its wake. The Valley of Redwoods with its towering Festival Redwoods is no different, alight with the magic that flows through the Fairy King's Wood from the Feywild.   These behemoth trees have an immense power to match their size. As the Witches of the Lofted Tree Coven took their place as the caretakers of these ancient and massive trees, so too did the forest take on the role of caretaker of the Witches. Through this relationship, knowledge was gifted to the Witches beyond what others knew, allowing the Lofted Tree Coven to take advantage of the magic of their valley and create innately magical objects.   The art of Arcane Weaving was one such tidbit of knowledge the Festival Redwoods granted the Witches. Through this method, the Witches could shave thin pieces of bark from the trees and weave them into an intricate fabric that was innately magical. This fabric could then be used for armor, blankets, and other items made from cloth.


While fabric created through Arcane Weaving has many purposes, the original purpose was to create a fabric that held enchantments exceptionally well. The enchantments placed upon fabric woven from the bark of the Festival Redwoods are said to never dim or wear out, essentially creating a permanently enchanted item.
The process of Arcane Weaving is extremely complex, requiring the weaver to have a connection to the forest as well as a strong well of magic. By adding the weaver’s own magic to the magic of the tree’s bark when weaving, a powerful innately magical item is created that has many purposes.   Because of the success of this technique, the Witches began applying the same concept of weaving magic into fabric using other materials. While not as effective or powerful, the technique does work well on other fabrics and can help create a variety of magical fabrics.
The Festival Redwoods gifted the Witches of the Lofted Tree Coven the knowledge of Arcane Weaving in 99,786 I.M. This gift came less than a decade after the trees had gifted them the knowledge of Wand Making.

Cover image: Technologies Cover by Landscape via Artbreeder, created by RiverFang


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Aug 3, 2020 13:13 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

I love the idea of arcane weaving. Can dyes and stuff be added to the tree bark to make the fabric colourful, or must it remain raw?

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