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Written by RiverFang

Hundreds of feet above the forest floor, a small grouping of buildings watch over the forest, ever diligent about the small changes that occur even far below them. Hidden in the canopy of the Festival Redwoods is the village of the Lofted Tree Coven, a small town named Titannia.   Away from the denizens of the reaches below, the Witches of the Lofted Tree Coven can focus on their charge and on their craft, protecting the magical forest from all sorts of maladies while also using what the forest gives them to create items that can only be created by these women. Here, the rare art of Arcane Weaving is abundant, bringing fame to a town so well hidden.   In the Valley of Redwoods, the magic of the Witches and the Festival Redwoods collide, bringing forth a new technique that has become the livelihood of the women that call Titannia home. The weaving they do has a magic all its own, one rare and different compared to that which is found elsewhere in the Fairy King's Wood. That uniqueness is what drives the demand for the products of Arcane Weaving, something that can only be obliged if the forest cares for the Witches as well.


The village of Titannia is one of the smaller villages of Witch covens that can be found in the Fairy King's Wood. At its peak, the village may only be home to about forty women, but it is not uncommon to see Elves, Fairies, Humans, and others that make their home here.   The current Coven Leader of the Lofted Tree Coven is an Elven woman, one who has served nearly a century in her position. While the coven is very diverse, it lacks some of the races that become Witches in other parts of the Fairy King's Wood due to the difficulty of reaching Titannia without means of specific magic or wings.

Industry & Trade

Many of the Witch covens in the Fairy King's Wood use trade as a means of survival financially. The forest often gives the Witches the materials that they need to make somewhat fantastical objects that others inside the wood and elsewhere throughout Isekai covet. These magical goods are often in high demand, so trade is an important part of the covens’ lives.   The Lofted Tree Coven of Titannia is known for their far-reaching trade of magically woven cloth created from the bark of the Festival Redwoods and their semi-completed wands that are made from the branches of the trees. Both products are in a raw state, allowing for a variety of outcomes for the buyers. These products are in extremely high demand, both in the Fairy King's Wood and across the Northern Continent.


The assets of Titannia are mostly tied to their two most common types of crafting, Arcane Weaving and Wand Making. Both of these are extremely magical forms of crafting and require a certain magical aptitude to create these items. Witches that are not tasked with taking care of the Valley of Redwoods spend much of their time weaving the bark of the Festival Redwoods into magical cloth or creating wands from the behemoth trees.   Both techniques only create raw materials, a ream of woven cloth, or a roughhewn wand that may need to be worked more according to the specifications of the buyer. While some of their creations are used by the coven, a large majority do not stay within Titannia.
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3 Aug, 2020 10:48

I like that they are famous for raw woven cloth and raw wands, rather than the finished product. That's really interesting.

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