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Arcane Steel

The True Enchantment Metal

Written by RiverFang

A metal rests on the Blacksmith's table, its blue surface crackling with energy. The charge in the air is enough to raise the hairs on the back of one's neck, warning them of the unknown power that this small block of ore holds. Master Dwarves of all ages gather around, staring in awe at this simple piece of metal, envious of the one that was asked to smelt such a precious metal. While not the same as Adamantite in their hearts, to forge Arcane Steel is an honor and a blessing.   Arcane Steel is one of the many special metals in Isekai, although it is by far the rarest. Referred to as the True Enchantment metal, the blue of this metal is similar to Frost Steel, but the crackling magical energy proves it as what it truly is. Only the most experienced of enchanters dare use this metal for their work, but the royal lineage of the Elven Kingdom covets this metal above all others.   This metal is shrouded in mystery due to its scarcity, but it is well-known that this metal serves as a perfect base for all enchantments. Things created from this metal have innate magics that no one quite knows the true nature of.


Physical & Chemical Properties

Arcane Steel is innately magical, even in a raw state. The forging and refining of this metal somewhat enhance those properties, allowing items made from Arcane Steel to be the perfect base for enchantments. It is said that this metal empowers enchantments placed upon it, often elevating the enchantments beyond the skill of the original enchanter, creating truly powerful items.   This metal is often used for weapons and armor because it gives these items innate abilities. Weapons strike with a terrific power that can overwhelm any type of defense. Armor made from Arcane Steel is considered to be some of the strongest as it can repel most attacks before the attack even touches the armor.

Geology & Geography

Arcane Steel is extremely rare and difficult to find in Isekai as it appears in very few places throughout the world. An area must have been touched by powerful magic to have a source of Arcane Steel, which greatly limits where the metal can be found.
Extremely Rare
Blue, similar in color to Frost Steel , but crackling with magical energy
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Author's Notes

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