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Village on the Edge

Up this far north, the trees have begun to disappear, replaced by sparse shrubs and rocks that for most of the year are frozen in place. The landscape loses the vibrancy of the greens of the Elven Forest, replaced with whites and greys, colors that seem to have lost all life. If one steps too far outside their door, they can easily be lost in the storm that rages outside, wandering through the endless Neither Tundra where safety doesn't exist. Few live on this edge, so close to the Kingdom of Giants, but one small village stands vigilant, one guard for the Northern Outposts.   Snowblind is a small village that rests about two days travel from the safety and Paladins of Yllvalion. Those that live there must constantly be on guard for the dreaded Giants, but a sighting hasn't occurred in centuries. The village has fallen into a sleepy pattern, one of trade and travel, a village that is lost amongst the terrain and in time. It is a simple existence, one that the residents enjoy, even if it is days of travel to the nearest village, further in the winter.   Much like its name, the village becomes blind to all that is around them in winter, often finding themselves moving to the safety of the Ylmaris Citadel when the snows become too deep. For most of the year, the townspeople are self-sufficient, trading for things they lack and creating anything else they could ever need. Many in the Northern Outposts forget that such a simple place exists, one removed from the heavy magic and tradition of Yllvalion and the Knights of Yggdrasil.

Industry & Trade

This village keeps afloat through the warmer months of the year by trading goods from their animal herds and other animal-based goods that can be gathered through hunting. Snowblind exports beef and mutton as well as wool, furs, and a variety of other goods. Farmers can grow a variety of root vegetables in the area as well which tend to provide a great deal of food to the people of Yllvalion and those that stay at the Northern Lookout Tower.
Founding Date
1226 IM
Location under
Owning Organization
Snowblind is home to over three hundred Emerald Elves, with the majority of them being of an age to be considered an adult in their culture.

Most people in the village are farmers or ranchers, keeping cows, sheep, and chickens. A handful of Paladins of the Knights of Yggdrasil also call the village home, but all villages are trained to fight to an extent.


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