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Arcane Geysers

Wonder of the Cradle of Clay

A look at the glaring sun tells that any minute, the shimmering particles, colored like a waving aurora, will erupt from the ground and blanket the sky, slowly falling to the earth, ready to be gathered. Once the glittery dust covers the ground, everyone waits, its temperature still too high to gather safely. Another glance at the sun and an hour has passed, the dust cooling to a soft blue hue, safe to the touch as the Clay Giants begin gathering the precious Arcane Dust from the wonder of their land.   Arcane Geysers are an oddity of the world, one strictly found in the Cradle of Clay. These geysers release a cloud of special dust which is concentrated magical energy transformed into a material that can be harvested once it is released from the world through the geothermal geysers. A precious commodity, this dust and its source are highly protected by the Clay Giants and traded to those that have been deemed worthy of such a magical item. Arcane Dust is the largest export from the Cradle of Clay.   These geysers are little more than simple geothermal vents, but they do not release water or even hot gas. Arcane Dust, when released as the geyser erupts, releases an extremely hot spray of particles that quickly catch on the wind and scatter. Many liken this occurrence to be similar to viewing the Scales of Kallex over the mountains, dancing colors on the wind before settling to the earth.


It is said that the Arcane Geysers have existed as long as Isekai has, but few that crossed paths with one were interested in meddling with the super-heated concentrated magic that fell from the sky when a geyser erupted. The Elder Races had claimed their home, with Humans settling just to the south, and the Giants had claimed the frozen north, but both ignored the hilled land between them. Only once the Hierarchy of the Giants was established and the Clay Giants set out on their own would the Arcane Geysers find their place in history.   The Clay Giants were definitely not the first to discover the Arcane Geysers, but their first interaction with them built the foundation of the coming history. Even with their inability to fully harness and utilize magic, the Clay Giants recognized the Arcane Dust for what it was, concentrated magical energy. Unable to use the dust themselves, they eventually began asking for help from the Starlit Academy.   With the aid of the Humans, the Clay Giants were able to begin gathering and bottling the Arcane Dust for exports to other countries. The Clay Giants were well-suited for this as their thick skin, stamina, and inability to use magic fully allowed them to gather and touch the dust without the detriments that come for magically inclined races when they come in contact with the raw Arcane Dust.   Once the process was established, the export of Arcane Dust became one of the most important exports for the Cradle of Clay. In many instances, the dust was exported to academies and other places of high magic to be utilized in potions, scroll making, and the creation of other magical items. This allows all to utilize magic, no matter their ability or understanding.


Because of the spectacle of the Arcane Geysers erupting, some Storytellers and Shamans in the Cradle of Clay have created special tours or events that allow travelers to experience an eruption up close, often around fifty feet away, and hear stories about how the geysers and their protection has changed the way of life for the Clay Giants. These events are meant to be cultural and educational in nature, often having many facets with the eruption of the geyser being the pinnacle of the event.
Arcane Geysers
While not commonly seen during the day, the eruption of an Arcane Geyser is one of Isekai's many wonders. Arcane Dust releases in a hot, colorful flurry, catching the wind and dusting the ground with magic that becomes part of the natural cycle of the Cradle of Clay.
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