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Arcane Dust

Product of the Arcane Geysers

Shimmering particles catch on the wind, floating through the sky like a bright aurora, slowly falling to the earth from which they once came. Blue and purple sparkles light the air like fireflies, but their heat marks them as what they truly are. While lights like these can be seen over the Spine of Kallex in the Scales of the Dragon Gods, the blinding dust of the Cradle of Clay is far more important, a coveted sparkle to be gathered for helpful purposes.   Arcane Dust is the product of the Arcane Geysers which erupt rather frequently across the Cradle of Clay. These geysers are an oddity of the area, only found amongst the rolling hills where the Clay Giants make their home and large creatures roam. One of the most important exports of the Northern Continent, Arcane Dust is an important part of magical creations.   Gathered and exported by the Clay Giants, this material has created strong relationships between races that may not have existed otherwise. Used for magical creations across the world, Arcane Dust can heighten potions and empower Spell Scrolls.


Material Characteristics

Arcane Dust is a fine, powdery substance that often spews from Arcane Geysers when they erupt. This dust travels at high speeds, often at high temperatures, much like a geothermal geyser would. Often in shades of purple or blue, the dust emits a bright light that can normally only be seen at night and can travel on the wind for many miles. Once the dust falls to earth, it can be gathered and stored for usage.

History & Usage

Everyday use

The most common uses of Arcane Dust are in potion making and in inks for Spell Scrolls. Arcane Dust is considered one of the most common and useful magical commodities in Isekai and can be utilized for a large variety of magical things. In many cases, the dust is added to potions to add a bit of magical energy to the potion or to help increase the potency of a potion. Inks made using this dust are imbued with magical power and help in creating magical documents such as Spell Scrolls, some types of spell books, and even creating arcane focuses.

Cultural Significance and Usage

This dust and the Arcane Geysers are of great significance to the Clay Giants that tend to them. As a group of people that are not magically inclined, the Arcane Dust grants these people the ability to utilize simple magic and has given them greater strength and stamina having lived in the shadow of the geysers for so long. In many cases, the stewardship of the Arcane Geysers is almost seen as a divine duty granted to the Clay Giants by Rerena as this set them apart from the Kingdom of Giants they left and gave them a place amongst the Elder Races that may have looked down upon them.


Trade & Market

The market for Arcane Dust is one of the most profitable across Vóreios. Due to the many uses of the material, it is in high demand, especially in areas that utilize a variety of magic. Areas such as Stronghold in the Human Empire as well as the villages surrounding the Unending Scroll in the Elven Kingdom are the largest importers of Arcane Dust.


Storage of Arcane Dust varies depending on what races have purchased it or what locations in the world it is being stored in. Standardly, the Clay Giants choose to store the dust in glass jars, labeling the jars with the date of collection. These jars are then stored, often no more than twenty in a single location, in various buildings across the Cradle of Clay so that they can be collected and shipped to trading hubs across the area and the Northern Continent.
Arcane Geysers
While not commonly seen during the day, the eruption of an Arcane Geyser is one of Isekai's many wonders. Arcane Dust releases in a hot, colorful flurry, catching the wind and dusting the ground with magic that becomes part of the natural cycle of the Cradle of Clay.
Value changes depending on location purchase
A variety of colors, but often shades of blue and purple
Related Locations
Related Species


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